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The inlaid markers make for a more three dimensional dial view and the white dial retains some of the military feel of the original Tag heuer while offering a distinct appeal. The finishing of the dial is excellent and easily viewed through the distortion and glare-free sapphire crystal. Tag heuer has their own anti-reflective treatment for their crystals which consists of nine layers of treatment on each side of the crystal which is then hardened for increased scratch resistance.

The end result is a very clear view of the dial, a hardness rating of 2000Hv and a massive reduction in ambient reflections. A serious crystal for a brand that is serious about the resilience and longevity of their Replica Tag Heuer Watches UK | AAA Quality Tag Heuer For Sale . Below, you can see the comparative sizing between the 43mm and 37mm white Tag heuer models. The 37mm model is not only distinct in its case size but also in its use of a stainless steel middle barrel and a metallic marker at 12 (no red coloring). Additionally, while the photo below makes it look as though the 37mm Tag heuer is slightly thicker, I did confirm with a caliper that it is a few tenths of a millimeter thinner than the 43 mm version.

The watch is encased in Tag heuer's specialized Trip-Tick case which uses a three piece design incorporating the upper assembly, which houses the crystal and draws into the lugs, the center PVD-treated middle barrel, and the steel/sapphire display back which is affixed with five screws. The entire assembly has been treated to Tag heuer hardening process in which the steel is hardened with http://www.waxreplica.com/replica-breitling-chronomat-watches-sale-for-uk.html the use of carbon, heat and an electron treatment with the final result being a surface hardness of 2000Hv (some nine times harder than conventional stainless steel).

Having spent time with a series of Tag heuer models, I don't believe this hardness treatment (in the crystal or the case) to be anything less than fantastic, and it is one of the defining features of Tag heuer's entire lineup.

I like the idea of a sport watch that can stand up against the rigors of daily wrist duty and just as we have seen many brands start to employ ceramic in their watch designs, I believe that we will begin to see other brands develop similar hardness treatments for their sport watches. I think that manufacturers like Tag heuer were simply ahead of the "hardness" curve.

In the interest of comparison, Tag heuer's treatment boasts a hardness that exceeds both Tag heuer. Does all of this matter to the end user? Maybe not at first, but after a long period of wear, wouldn't you prefer a watch that still looks fresh and doesn't need to be buffed and brushed back to a like-new finish? Tag heuer watches have always sought to protect the movement so the watch could carry out its http://www.waxreplica.com/replica-breitling-watches-sale-for-uk.html intended task and provide an accurate view of the time, a hardening of the exterior simply offers the next evolution, one that protects and preserves the case and crystal as much as possible.