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Sat, October 27, 2018 21:03:18



I never knew my husband could be transferred...



This past March, I found out...he could!



After lunch time I got a mail from my husband



書いてあったのは: I will transfer at Nagoya


I was confused...huh?  Today he went to Tokyo...why did he transfer at Nagoya?

一瞬、混乱した、私。 えええ? 名古屋? 今日? なんで名古屋? なんで名古屋で乗り換えなの? 今日は東京じゃなかったけ。。。?!?!?!


A small mistake in using prepositions can change the meaning COMPLETELY!



I will transfer to Nagoya.... --> I will get transferred to Nagoya 名古屋へ転勤される


I will transfer at Nagoya = 名古屋で乗り換え


You see......even 12 years of marriage...we still sometimes get confused...



Then it dawned up on me.........TRANSFER?!??!!?

何秒後。。。気づいた、私。。。 ええええええええええええええええええ、転勤??!?!?


Dizzy, in shock.



I spit out the cracker that was in my mouth into the sink, half-choking...

口に入っていたおせんべい。。。を。。。”ぺえええ” 出して


I lost my appetite



I had lived for over 16 years... in the town that I was an expert in



Goodbye to all my friends........all that I knew...



I told my daughter as soon as I could...she too was in disbelief



My husband came home late that night... there was not much conversation, I recall.



I said, "so...we'll be spending our new life in Nagoya soon, right?"



Let's work hard and make it work



My daughter was mixed...sometimes she was happy and looking forward to our new life...other times, sad and gloomy.  One day she was crying and saying she did not want to say goodbye to all her friends.  I told her she would meet some new friends, without a problem.

娘は。。。たまに。。。新しい名古屋ライフを楽しみにしていた。 たまに…暗い顔をしてて。。。落ち込んでいた感じ。 ある日、彼女は泣いていて、”やだ、友達にさようならを言いたくない”  私の返事:もうすぐ新しい友達ができるから、心配しないでね。


I tried not to show my sadness in front of her but after a particular goodbye party, I could no longer hide it and burst into tears. 自分の悲しさをあまり見せたくなかったけど、ある日の送別会の後、私が激しく泣き出した。。。と娘が驚きました。  She was surprised.  I told her that she was saying bye to friends she had known for about 6 or some years...but I was saying goodbye to good friends I had known since almost day one in Japan. 彼女には説明した。。。ママは日本に来てから、最初の友達たちにさようならを言った、十何年の長い付き合い!


In March....I was working and took some days off to look for a new place in Nagoya with my husband.



Originally I thought we could just make a decision based on photos and description but I am sooooooo glad we came in person to see!

最初。。。不動産屋のネット写真を見て、決めると思ったけど。。。そうしなくてよかった!!!!! 実際見ないと! 危なかった!!! やパリ見ないとね!


Since it was already mid-March...only "leftover" places remained

なんだか残り物ばかり! 3月中だし。。。当たり前だなあ。。。。


The morning we were going to leave, we took one last look at another real estate agency's listing...very last-minute.  We found an ideal place but it was quite small and pricey considering that!  The community and school district seemed nice, so we decided on it.

最後の日。。。いきなり。。。”もう少し見ない、物件”。。。とてもぎりぎりでした。 最後、理想の物件を発見! 理想的なのところを見つけたケドけっこ狭い。。。高いわりに狭い! 田舎の値段じゃない、やっぱり。。。都会の金額! でも環境がすごく良くて、学区も良くて。。。頑張ります!


Before I left for Nagoya, everyone told me how flashy the Nagoyans are, how stingy they are, how salty the food is.... I did not have a very pretty picture of it in my mind!

名古屋に来る前に。。。けっこ。。。言われていた。。。 名古屋の人は。。。派手です。。。 ケチです。。。 食べ物は油濃くて塩辛い。 いやいや。。。 あまり”良い”イメージがない、名古屋? 


I tried to ignore the stereotypes and decide for myself



It was pretty overwhelming...finding a good place to live, new school, moving...millions of goodbyes

一気に全部。。。 住む場所、学校、引っ越しの準備、送別会など


Now, half a year later...we are enjoying Nagoya life.



The first month was pretty rough...it was quite stressful (a.k.a. some fights!)



There were so many support groups for foreigners here so I joined many 



It was really helpful to get new information



I could also get a wonderful network of friends (It does not just happen...you have to put in the effort.  I sought out advice, found interest groups and joined many activities and met some really fantastic people through it)



We live in a tight-community of families that are often transferred around Japan



And the local school gets many transfer kids (this year around 25!)

この小学校は転校生が多い。。。 今年25人ぐらい。。。 だから、転校生に優しい


Driving is not as easy here as there are many one-way roads but...like they say "just do it" - everything gets easier with practice

今、都会に住んでいるから(一歩通行の道が多い!)、車の運転などは前より少しだけ大変になりました。 まああ。。。やれば慣れるもん! 


Tomorrow we have a trick-or-treat planned in our neighborhood that I helped plan...40 kids and excited parents, all in costume...

明日ハロウェインのトリックオアトリートをやります。 子供40人。。。親もちゃんと仮装する。


Like in the past in our old town, friends come over and stay at our house until the wee hours - midnight...and even a new record - 2 in the morning!!!  Ha ha...no one ever wants to go home.  Always a party here.

前と同じ、友達はうちに来ると帰りたくない。朝の夜中までワイワイ。 朝の2時まで! 新しい記録!!!


It does not matter where we live...it will be okay because "home is where the heart is."



Wishing you the best, wherever you are


Sat, October 27, 2018 19:59:10

Foreign wives married to J-men


Hi there!  


I don't really update my blog anymore due to time constraints and new endeavors, but if you have important comments, I'll try my best to reply and post about it.


In response to a comment on my blog, wishing for a supportive group for foreign wives of J-people.   There is a group on Facebook called FWJP (foreign wives of Japanese people) where women can seek help from each other.  It is all private and everything said is supposed to be confidential.  I recommend this for some support, good advice from senpai and moms.  We face the same types of challenges and it is helpful to know that we are not alone in the struggles we encounter in an international marriage with a Japanese person.  Good luck.  Marriage with anyone takes a lot of work...I can guarantee you that an international one...takes more work than one that is not.  Marriage: easier done than undone, ha ha ha ha.  


That and there is another FB group, for people with children in Japanese public school, called "Parents with Kids in Japanese Schools."  This is also a very supportive group and great place for those to get advice, help, and sometimes even translation (of docs, handout from school) help.  


Anyway hope this helps!  

Wed, October 07, 2015 06:23:43


Hello all...it's been a long time, hasn't it?!

What have you been up to? I hope you have been enjoying yourselves.
お元気ですか? 楽しんでいる?! 

I don't have any plan to restart my blog but...just a quick update.
特にブログを再開する予定がないですが。。。興味がある方のために。。。チョロットのアップデート (私の考え方。。。何でも。。。けっこ変わりました。。。子育てについての考え方。。。友達についての考え方。。。夫婦関係についての考え方。。。いろいろ。。。けっこ。。。変わりました。。。詳しく書けないけど。。。やっぱり。。。いろいろ成長したかな。。。)

Life has gotten even busier than ever. (but still only one child...and no plans for more!)

A year ago I went to pastry school in Tokyo to get my pastry license
1年前、東京の専門菓子学校に行って、フランス菓子の免許をとれた (10何年前お菓子学校に行きたかったけど。。。そのごろ。。。色んな理由で、とても無理でした)

It was really hard waking up at the crack of dawn, biking to the train station, take the train...study while half-sleeping on the train...a 4 hour daily commute to and from school! Really hard...especially in the winter when it got freeeezing cold and was still pitch black out at 5a.m...kinda creepy and spooky...foggy and dark! The 2nd week of my new schedule ...the stress had gotten to me and I broke down in tears... Ummm, yup, it was really stressful. But...after that my family and I got used to our "new life" and we could somehow manage. :)
けっこ。。。いろいろ大変でした。 私だけじゃなくて。。。旦那も、子供も...3人で頑張った。 朝の5時に起きて。。。15分自転車を載って。。。電車を乗って...学校について。。。通勤の間。。。お菓子の勉強しました。 毎日、4時間の通勤は。。。けっこ。。。辛いでした! 2週間目。。。ストレス限界で大泣きしました。。。 その後、大分良くなって。。。慣れたけど。。。 いや。。。本当に大変でした!!!

After graduating I got a part-time job at a local cake shop and now work there. Since cake shops are busy on weekends, I usually work Sat/Sundays. (I started going to pastry school well before the drama "Mare" was broadcast and a new pastry school fad started!!!)
その学校から卒業した後、地元のケーキ屋でアルバイトをし始めた (ちなみに。。。”まれ”のドラマの前に...学校に行き始めた!!!) 土日。。。ケーキ屋は。。。けっこ忙しいから。。。午前中に仕事します。

On my off days recently I am helping out with Joso city, a nearby town severely hit by floods from a typhoon.

Today I am going to the VC again to give a hand.

They still need people, so if you have any time, please consider helping!!!

Every time I go...I feel there is no end to the work that needs to be done...


At the moment with some friends we are making book bags, school bags and more for the kids in Joso that need it. That and a bake sale with all proceeds going towards Joso as a monetary donation.
友達たちと一緒に。。。子供たちのために。。。上履き入れなどを...縫っています。 お菓子を作って。。。教会で販売して。。。そのお金は。。。常総市のためにの寄付になる。 ボランティアする方法はたくさんあります。

Whatever you are doing, do your best, help others and just be happy! Surround yourself with good people, kind people.

Live hard. Live well.

Have a wonderful day!
Fri, August 16, 2013 06:38:46

For Japanese men, interested!

テーマ:Marriage 結婚結婚
“Love with a Western woman” is a funny and entertaining guide for Japanese men who want to understand the international women of today, and find out how to please them … in every way!
Based on interviews with 150 Western women who shared their intimate desires and dreams as well as their experiences and expectations, this guidebook teaches Japanese men how to develop and maintain happy, healthy relationships throughout their lives. Full of quotes from the women who were interviewed, and interspersed with photographs of Western women and the Japanese men they adore, this book will coach and inspire you along the way as you search for love.
You will learn how to:
be more attractive to women
let women know you like them
be a “gentleman”
create dates to remember
avoid misunderstandings and mishaps
propose marriage just like in the movies
ensure that she always feels special
make a happy home together
be an amazing and considerate lover, and even
make your penis look bigger
And if you’re already in a relationship with a Western woman, this book will help you improve that relationship by giving you a better understanding of her mind and her body. “Love with a Western woman” will also help you with your relationships with Japanese women!
- See more at: http://www.carolinepover.info/jmen/#sthash.WDRORlKS.dpuf
Fri, April 12, 2013 20:26:07


I thought much about life, my way of living life...and all sorts of things in the past few months

I thought...I want to spend more time with my husband and daughter...my family...so I have not really updated my blog these days

Recently my friend wrote me this "I only have a few years left to play hard and enjoy with my daughter...I really want to make the most of it and enjoy it to its fullest!"

I totally understand her feeling
すごい分かります! すごく。。。すごく分かります

Last week I went to Tokyo with Lina...and jumped so much at the play place (Asobino at TOkyo Dome) that my knee KILLED that night and the next few days after that.....
先週。。。リナと一緒に東京に行って、東京ドームCITYにあるASOBINOで2時間ぐらい遊んでて。。。激しく遊んでて。。。 その夜。。。膝は。。。痛くて、痛くて。。。寝られなかった。。。その数日後。。。まだ痛かった

But I felt so good...feeling that pain...to know that I had played to my fullest
でも。。。その痛さは。。。以外に気持ち良かった。。。 満喫に。。。娘と一緒に遊んだわ。。。 その気持ちは最高でした!

In just a few years my daughter will not want to have anything to do with me, so now is my chance
数年後。。。リナは。。。”ママと一緒に遊びたくない。。。 学校に来るな”を言うかも。。。 だから。。。今しかない、きっと!

Some of my working mother friends regret not being able to spend more time with their kids.

I tell them... it is not TIME... It is quality time that matters!
デモ私は。。。その友達に言う。。。時間じゃなくて。。。 一緒にいる時間を大事にすることは。。。それが大事です! 短い時間でも。。。満喫に遊べる。 短くても、親の愛情を伝えると思う

I am no longer updating my blog ...but I still try my hardest to cook tasty dinners, invent games, make things and crafts... nothing much has changed

I want to have a family-centered lifestyle

Coming from a broken family makes me want to try even harder to have a nice family environment. Reliving the childhood that I never had...the family life I never had but had always wanted.

Writing my blog was a good stress outlet.......and I loved reading everyone's opinions and thoughts

It is fun to share good things, happy things with everyone

But writing my blog...made it hard to have any time for myself

Sleeping from 9 to 5...does wonders for one's body! Great stuff, this sleep thing!

My skin is plumper than ever...it springs back when I push it! Even more youthful than before I married?!??!
はだも。。。プリプリになって。。。 結婚する前よりいい調子。。。の感じ? 気のせい。。。のかな? はは。。。

Anyway...I think it is important to be happy at whatever stage of life you are in at the moment
学生、独身、結婚している。。。 人生のステージと関係なく。。。 今はハッピーになって。。。 

And look in front of us for happiness

Most of us are just searching for happiness...not realizing it is right under our nose!
でも。。。気づいていない人が多くて。。。 ”結婚した後、きっと幸せ” ”子供を産めば、幸せ”とか。。。。 いや。。。  まず、有るものに感謝すれば。 すると。。。もっと、もっと幸せになれる。

This is advice I often have to remind myself about!

Gratitude for life and everything in it...
Tue, February 12, 2013 09:47:25

短期仕事のチャンス。。。 わかめが好きな人にピッタリ!

テーマ:ニュース news


(From Caroline Pover)

Hi everyone,
For all those who have recently asked me what people need in Tohoku, within minutes of getting here I found out about something that really hadn’t occurred to me before. The fishermen who are now able to work urgently need to hire people to work for them during the upcoming wakame season. Getting back to work is such a vital part of the financial, practical, and emotional recovery here — and sometimes supporting people in this comes in quite unexpected ways. It’s not always about donating money, or donating boats or equipment. Sometimes getting an industry back on track needs a different kind of support.

So here is a unique way you or an adventurous soul you know can help with the recovery effort — come here and work in the fishing industry for two months, and guess what, get paid for doing it.

See more on my blog! Caroline
Fri, February 08, 2013 09:40:51


テーマ:Culture 文化
In Japan people treat greetings as a "must do" and it is quite simple

A simple bow or "konnichiwa" (or ohayo gozaimasu, whatnot, depending on the time of day)

But......back in America or Canada, it's very casual

A quick "hey" while smiling

A quick "what's up"

or "yo, how'z it going?" (this sounds more like howz go-in...when said quickly by native English speakers)

Many Japanese have a hard time figuring this out.....

Should they respond?

Does the person truly want to hear an answer?

Or is it just another way for foreigners to say "hello"?
ただのあいさつだった。。。その”how's it doing? how are you doing?"

By the time the Japanese person has thought of a good answer...the person has gone away!
返事をまだ言っていない、考えていないのに。。。その”how's it goin" を言った人もいなくなちゃった。。。

Well......usually when people say "how ya doin" it just means "how are you today"
ふだん。。。アメリカ人は"how are you doing?" を聞く時。。。それは。。。ただのあいさつです。。。

Answer it short and simply!

And the answer should be something like this:

"Good, and you?"

"Pretty good and you?"


"Not bad, you?"

If you say "okay" or "so-so" it might suggest you are not in best of spirits, health, etc......so they might ask "oh? What is the matter?"

And NEVER EVER SAY "I am fine"
絶対”I am fine”を使わないでね!

In Japan many people learn the word "fine" but to be honest, that word is so outdated, if you use it, it means TOTALLY NOT FINE!!
日本人英語の”FINE”の言葉を習うけど。。。実際。。。その言葉は。。。かなり古くて。。。 余りいい意味じゃない。。。 少し。。。 NOT FINEの意味になってしまう。。。

If you want to indicate you are really not doing so well, you can say "not so hot"
実際に元気じゃない時、返事は”not so hot" を言えばいい。

But only use this with people you know

A: Hey Mika! Been a long time - how ya doin'? ミカちゃん、久しぶり、元気?
B: Not so hot, actually 実は。。。ちょっと。。。。
A: Oh, what's up? えええ? どうしたの?
B: Well...our company is cutting our bonus this year, putting us into a real fix as we just bought a new house あの。。。今年。。。ボーナスを大分減るみたい。 家を買ったばかりで、とても困ります。 (be in a FIX = bad situation)

Tue, February 05, 2013 21:49:55


As you know.......it has been said that many celebs abused their power as celebs...
最近。。きっと皆はニュースで読んだけど。。 有名なセレブとか。。。自分のセレブの権力を乱用している

And falsely promoted products in their personal blogs. Products they never bought or even used, it has been said.

Well......first off, to be paid to blog about things...mmm, a bit shady.
mmm。とても残念の事です。 mmm。。。少し微妙(びみょうですね)

If it is disclosed, that they were paid to advertise something (like we all know Tiger Woods was paid by Nike to promote Nike but everyone KNOWS he is being paid...sorry this should have been written in the past tense. They no longer sponsor Tiger after the big scandal and all)

Of course I am fond of QP (Kewpie) and Kagome products, especially because we own both companies stocks

But when a product fails to meet my expectations, I do not hesitate to write so on my blog and I express it honestly.

In the past I reviewed restaurants too honestly (harsh review).....and regret posting such bad reviews
昔い。。。言ったレストランのレビューも沢山書いてたけど。。。 その後。。。後悔した時。。。沢山ありました

Months later the restaurant closed (probably not because of my blog post...but because everyone felt similarly about the bad food/service/atmosphere)

But still...I felt bad about my negative reviews
デモ。。。やっぱり。。。気にした。。。 悪いレビューは。。。レストランの悪い影響になると困るな。。。と思った

I only post when the restaurants were good and I recommend them to others.

Sometimes I worried about any negative consequences my blog might have on others
ヤッパリ。。。最近気になる。。。 自分のブログは皆に悪い影響になったら。。。mmm。。。。良くないな。。。と思った

And try my best to keep things honest, positive (though hard to do at times!), and real.

When I can, I try to promote natural things...things without a brand.
そして。。。出来れば、自然の物を皆にお勧めしたい。。。 ブランドがない物。。。など

Things good for one's health, mind, body and soul

Speaking of such........my latest finds...

Propolis mixed with face cream.....is really and truly amazing!!!
前ブログに書いてたプロポリス。。。 顔のクリームと一緒に混ぜて、使ったら、本当にすごいいいいいいい。。。。。

I talked about it months ago...and have found it to be the best, cheapest, most effective stuff for improving one's skin!
半年以上前。。。かな。。。使え始めて。。。そのまま使ってて。。。ダメだった。。。肌は乾燥になってしまった。。。 でも。。。クリームと一緒に混ぜると。。。マホのようなっクリーミになるぞ!!!!!! 安い、結果はいいし、安全だし!!!!

Sake lees and shiokoji face masks (homemade) are also great for the skin - please try them!
酒のかす。。。の顔パック。。。も最近使っている。。。そして。。。塩麹の顔パック。。。両方手作りの。。。 肌の調子も良くなるよ!

Many face packs that are sold in shops have lots of preservatives, parabens and who knows what else
普段の顔パックは。。。変な材料など沢山入っているので。。。 保存料、パラベンなど。。

These days I only use homemade face packs

Reasonable and effective
Sat, February 02, 2013 07:23:32

人生案内。。。そして。。。 奥さんを分かってあげて

テーマ:Culture 文化
What a pity it is...

I just found out that the advice column (called Jinsei Annai) for Yomiuri newspaper (in Japanese) ...is now only available to premium members

Some people will become members but I don't think so many will sign up

People will instead turn to other Q&A websites, etc

Many newspapers in the States tried hard to get people to pay to read "premium" content but all efforts seemed futile
アメリカの新聞の会社も同じように。。。”プレミアムオンライン”ニュースーのアイデアを使って見たけど。。。 皆は。。。やっぱり。。。余り払いたくない

And they can get news for free elsewhere

If they need some more revenue...instead of having people pay for premium content, I prefer they host some advertising in the space next to it...

In Japan people don't really talk about REAL problems to friends.

I mean......they talk about the weather all the time

I joke to my foreign friends that ...I have never talked more about the weather in my entire life......like the way we do here in Japan

The column, Jinsei Annai was a great way for Japanese to seek help or read about others in a similar situation. Many reading probably thought, "oh, it's not just me, thankfully"...or "I am not alone"
読売新聞の人生案内は。。。素敵なコラムだった。 日本人は。。。お互いの問題を読んで。。。。。。。。”アああ私だけじゃない”と思う人が多いと思う

For me I could not relate because I don't see the world through Japanese eyes
私は。。。よく皆の問題を分からない。。。 やっぱり日本人じゃないから? 違う視点から見ているかしら。。。

And it was culturally very very interesting for me to read inner thoughts and concerns from real Japanese people (and I thought, despite looking cheerful on the outside they do really have problems just like anyone else)
文化と言えば、面白かった。。。日本人の本当の問題。。。 なるほど。。。いつもハッピーに見える日本人でも色々あるね

Quite often I thought the advice was really unprofessional though.....

Sometimes they just had someone, a famous "writer" respond.

Mmmm.......if you ask me, only qualified people should respond to such advice columns.
いやああ。。。。そういうアドバイスコラム。。。やっぱり資格を持つ人専門じゃない? 心理学者や社会学者とか。。。

The people writing to advice columns are usually a bit mentally fragile and it takes much courage to write to the advice column (so if the advice stinks, that's quite a dilemma.....and may make a person feel even worse)
そういうコラムにアドバイスを聞くのは。。。けっこ勇気が必要と思う。 敏感の人もいるので。。。 アドバイスは。。。余り良くない場合、とても困ります

Anyway I hope that Yomiuri will rethink their decision and make the column open to the public again
読売新聞は。。。また考え直してほしいな。 また皆が読めるオーペンコラムになると嬉しいな。

I mean, after all, the point of having an advice column is to have it for the benefit of others and all society, is it not?

Like in America, Dear Abby is the main Q&A column and most people are familiar with it and many respect her advice
アメリカも。。。すごく有名なアドバイスコラムある。 DEARABBYって言う。 問題は。。。日本人とちょっと違う。 読めば分かると思う。

If you were wondering, you can still read some Jinsei Annai (called TROUBLESHOOTER in English) in English, here
毎週の金曜日まだ英語で人生案内を読める (毎週二つ)


I often feel like an advice column.........my friends come to me seeking help or just to listen in and sympathize or listen.
私も。。。一つのアドバイスコラムです。。。 友達たち。。。いろいろ相談したい時、私と話します

One of my friends suffered from depression but could not see a doctor for it.

The waiting list was just too long! I could see her suffer and those around her knew it but........no one said anything about it nor did they seem eager to help her.
半年以上を待たなきゃいけないので。。。諦めた。 私は。。。”多分あの人は。。。出産鬱じゃないの?”と思ったけど。。。周りの皆。。。知ってても。。。何も言わなかった。。。 彼女を。。。助けたくなかった。。。。

I tried my best to befriend her and give her some support

Well we often talked openly and I saw see her improving and getting better with time.

For some women....it's quite a shock. Have a nice job...then suddenly pregnant....and a mom......and from a stellar career....to a stay at home mom with nothing to do each day......
ある女性にとって。。。とてもショックです。 すっとキャリアばかり考えて。。。急に妊娠になって、ママになって。。。そして。。。その後。。。ずっと毎日子供と一緒に家で過ごす。。。 けっこ大変何です。。。 急に。。。人生は。。。あんなに変わること

I am surprised there are not more mentally unwell mothers...

It is quite stressful...the motherhood life here in Japan

With a child at home....you cannot do anything...cook, clean, anything......the house is a constant mess ALL the time.
ずっと。。。24・7子供と一緒にいる。。。 何もできないし。。。料理も。。。お掃除も。。。。何もできない。。。子供ずっと泣いているから。。。。ずっと何か危ない物と遊んでいるから。。。目を離すと危険!

And to have a husband come home and say "you did nothing all day" ...yeah now that is just the worst
そして。。。旦那が帰ってきて”今日。。。何もしていないじゃない?”。。。 そうよね。。。それは。。。最低ですね!

I got angry at a male friend of mine. He told his wife that she did nothing at home every day.

Looking after THEIR child all day.......is a very stressful and tiring job.

If their child goes to kindergarten or daycare.......then the mom has time...

But until they go to school, having a child at home is a very very very very very very very very busy job!!!!!!!!!!
その時まで......ものすごいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいい 大変ですううううううううううううううううううううううううううううううううううううううううううう

Men reading my blog, do you understand this?
男性の皆さん。。。 読んでいる? ちゃんと分かっている?!??!

You are tired from work. But please have sympathy for your wife taking care of any kids that are not going to school.
仕事から疲れた、きっと。 でも奥さんに優しくしてあげてね。 子供の面倒は。。。疲れる、エネルギーが必要、体力も必要です。

Please don't expect a clean house until the kids go to school.
子供たちは。。。学校に行くまで。。。 キレイのマンション、家を諦めてね

Until then, just ignore the mess........

Or better yet.......help with the cleaning
あああ。。。。分かった。。。彼女を手伝てあげて。。。 一緒に掃除したら?

I am trying to organize some family photos..........

And I saw old photos of our house...and......while it's not really super clean now.....back then...it was really...a disaster.  Playland...but disaster playland....
何年前撮った写真を見て。。。 驚いた。。。 家は。。。本当に酷かった。。。本当に。。。。。。。。台風が来た感じ、グチャグチャだった。。。 (まああ。。。今もそんなに”キレイ”じゃないけど。。。本当に酷かった。。。あの写真を見て。。。思い出した)
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Back home in America, foods do not change as much as they do here in Japan

In Japan.......foods change regularly

By the season, weather, changing festivals/celebrations/holidays

I wonder if Americans are less likely to be tolerate of and try new things?

The people at the food companies here in Japan have to think really fast!

Japanese customers are kind of capricious

And they tire easily of the "regular" flavors

I tend to think women are more daring when it comes to new foods.....but some men here are open to new foods as well these days
一般と言えば。。。日本人の女性の方が。。。新食品などが好き。。。 男性は。。。余りみたい。。。けど。。。最近。。。前よりチャレンジしている男性けっこいるね。

The foods in Japan changes at such a fast pace, it's sometimes hard to keep up with!

I mean......my friend tells me that "such and such" item is at "so and so" shop... and I go, only to see that none are left and the store is not planning on stocking any more
友達から聞いて”期限限定で販売しているよ。。。何々お店で買えるよ”。。。 でも。。。行ったら。。。も売れきれ。。。とか。。。 

You'll often find limited edition flavors, freebies included in packages and more here.

Sometimes......one is pretty glad a flavor was only limited edition!

Some chip flavors I saw or tasted were really off...ewwww.
たまに。。。ポテトチップの味を見て。。。食べてみて。。。いや。。。美味しくない。。。。。。 と思った時もある

But the ridged chocolate/vanilla chips by Calbee were really tasty!

When I like some limited edition item, I hope they'll make it a long-term item.......
たまに期限限定の物好きになちゃって。。。 初来。。。この会社またこの味を販売すると嬉しいねと思った

So it is strange......though Japanese may sometimes seem like they do not think out of the box...just look at the foods and all the variations, new flavors they come up with

It is fun to shop in Japan because products are always evolving.......it's really something!

Years ago it was the mochi waffle maker....tajin pot, then the donut maker...and now, silicon pressure cooker and cupcake maker

I hope that they maintain this innovative streak in them, the Japanese
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