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Evening all! Merry Christmas and or happy holidays to all of you!

I got a set of Logitech G930 headphones and although they work awesome on my desktop computer when I try to plug them into my Dell Inspiron 1720 I end up getting a constant and very irritating skipping with the sound. Not really sure what to try, I have uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers for the headset and tomorrow I will try re-installing the sound card drivers and grab the ones off of Dell's website for my soundcard as I am using stock Windows ones atm. Just curious if anyone might have any other suggestions as if those don't work I guess they may just not be compatible with the Dell.

It actually ended up being something with the sol republic tracks hd wireless card in my laptop that sol republic was causing it. When the wireless card was on it would pick up interference but off the headset would work just fine. Due to Dell having no support for systems that run windows 7 64 bit in what is considered to be there shelf life it took some searching but eventually windows update actually found a newer driver for my wireless card and once installed the problem went away completely. The headset now works awesome. When I originally thought that I had solved this problem it had turned out that I was just using the laptop hard wired without the wifi and therefor there was no signal interruption . Hope this helps :)

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