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Today more than ever the two worlds of sport and style have become inextricably linked thanks to endorsement deals, celebrity girlfriends and increasing media coverage. With many sportsmen, particularly notoriously fashion-obsessed footballers, being paid vast sums of money to represent their team or country on the pitch or court, it is no wonder that the onus is on them to look good at all times. Increasing media attention has in turn meant that the public's eye is never too far away from successful sportsmen and women, so looking good even when not competing has become more important than ever.

This led major global brands to seek out willing sports stars to endorse their products, from Gillette to Renault, and from here it was only a matter of time before footballers like David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo took to the catwalk. Though not immediately obvious, sport and fashion are becoming joined at the hip, thanks largely to designer's willingness to partner up with sports brands. The late Alexander McQueen teamed up with Puma to launch a unique collection of catwalk inspired sports clothes and, likewise, Stella McCartney designed a range for Adidas which was apparently influenced by women's tradition of unknowingly giving up sport for omega watches fashion. The attraction for sports brands and designer alike is easy to see: untapped market potential.

After being voted Best Dressed Man two years in a row by GQ readers, Beckham is now the global megabrand that includes fashion and aftershave ranges on top of his footballing prowess and numerous endorsement contracts. It is this merging of sport and fashion that has helped lead the way in how sports brands sell themselves to fashion conscious consumers.

When it comes to fashion trends in sport, sponsorship and branding often seem more important than the clothes themselves. However, though this may seem true for the sports stars in the media, that's not to say that buying fashionable sportswear needs be difficult. Keeping fit and looking good aren't mutually exclusive and now even high street sports stores offer more than enough to keep athletes of any age in style. Keep it practical, especially with accessories, and make the most of sports essentials like bags and trainers, whilst optional extras like hats, scarves and sunglasses can give any fashionable health junkie a necessary style flourish. However, there are definitely more don'ts than dos when it comes to sports style, so as long as the clothes are practical, comfortable and feel good, they will usually look good too. Stay away from classic sportswear clichs like too much unnecessary lycra, avoid 80s looking sun visors and leave the oversized classic basketball shoes omegaeta911.com for hitting the clubs after training.

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