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Captain V.💙

trailer palng bongga na

Bagyong Pablo (Studio 5 Nickelodeon & Movies)

Como se llama esta cancion que quien la canta?


Ang galing ng cinematography nya.. love it!

At some point Anne sounded like Jasmine

Babaero ka talaga, Ace! May bago ka nanamang nilalandi!

Tenacious D: Post-Apocalypto Movie Watch 720px PutLocker eng sub.

6 Days

Wow! Ang daming movies ngayong taon ni Anne! Kakatapos lang ng Sid&Aya at BuyBust meron na naman ngayon😍 tas nag concert pa sya. 2018 is Anne Curtis' year😍😍.


Mganda ung quality ng pgkakagawa. Parang hollywood.


I want to Believe there is a World out there Artyom,I want to Dream!!! Simply Awesome! I can't wait!!💓👏🤘😊🎮🎆🎊

Tää on tosi hyvä video katon tätä kokoajan uudestaan ja uudestaan
Pati movies natin, elabs2 na. Hahaha...
no vaikuttipa tämäkin paskalta. suomalaiset ei vaan osaa tehdä elokuvia eikä musiikkia.
@bluey9712 Pero en donde ella sale bailando con Martin que capitulo porque yo no eh visto nada? Donde dime ella sale bailando con Martin en que capitulo o escenas?.

Parang yung chartctr ni Anne is namatay pro hndi pa nya alam. Naalala ko tuloy yung Triangle na movie. Ewan. Pero ang ganda mukhang hndi putso putso lng. 2thumbs up! 🙂 Eto yung masarap gastusan kase mukhang hndi tipid at matalino yung gumawa kase yung effcts saktuhan hndi mukhang tipid at oa sa gamit ng effcts. I really like and love it. Sana lahat! LoveyouAnneCurtis!.

Paras elokuva👍🔥🔥
looking forward na ma-ipalabas 'to sa KBO HAHAHAHAAHHAHA.
Umm what the hell, i was confused halfway through no introduction or explanation as to what the F is going on. At least most trailers show a basic explanation. The beginning narration and background music was brilliant, very well scripted and though out then when that ceased the rest of the trailer showed not very much to be desired..

I want it now!! Great trailer by the way 👏👏👏
Olipas vasemmistolainen elokuva.
Is this The Grudge, Noypi version. 😂
Busquen musica de el show Aurora, en itunes.
Cringe on suuri


Viva at springfilms di takot sumugal sa ibang genre.. Star cinema kasi love story at comedy lagi.. Waiting for darna though
That narrative was nihilist liberal gibberish at its worst.
can't watch Marry, marry me 😢 hindi sya showing saamin 😢
Fantastic. Another cookie-cutter sci-fi movie with angsty teenager protagonists fighting against the cold, calculating grown-ups. PITCHING KIDS AGAINST GIANT ROBOTS IS NOT GOING TO MAKE ME LIKE THE KIDS! Sorry, Caps Lock got stuck there for a second..

Ja kiva että muutkin kuin turistit löytävät Rovaniemen.
Side stepan mo kasi ricci
Jee Lappeenrannassa kuvattu!