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Bajka wyglądają świetnie graficznie :) ale według mojego uznania na tym filmie Muminki wygaja zbyt biało :(.


It's so pure thay I'm crying
i cried every time bill came up, no lie.
Childhood is back😍😍😘
que tiernooo !!!!! no me importa si es para niños yo igual quiero verla por Bill 😍
Cool stop motion
Thanks for the video guys 😱🎄😍
Going to sleep at the first sign of snow...sounds good to me.

Stellan played the grand duke in the 2015 live action Cinderella & he was a jerk in that being a jerk to Cinderella & taking the wicked stepmother's side..

Love the Moomins 💜🧡💛

I'm forcing my family to watch this

Wtf is this pop soundtrack in Moomin? Collab with sony's artists was never a good idea....

That Synth version of Silent Night in the background towards the end ...totally beautiful!

I’m here for my billy

That looks awesome! I'm gonna stay tuned

The 🇫🇮 stories and characters of Tove matched with the 🇵🇱 animation has created a master piece.

Man got that mustache on point you know ;)

Charming kids story for the Christmas season. Clearly a new classic holiday film for the kids. What a perfect excuse for going to the cinema with your family..

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But where is Myia the little tiny girl with tude

Good olde days. Remember it has a wee boy


I thought Groke will be more terrifying. But the rest looks great

oh noo cgi? get the anime version instead... actually this looks pretty good.

lovely Finnish !

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Don't see anamation like this any more, ...
Nepali.. with cute voices.. 💜💜 Kahile herna Paune hola.. It makes me upset..
This was so ...enchanting...can't things like this be made anymore? Kids today don't know what they're missing...even the music was so pleasant...
I'm definitely gonna watch this.
I really love the moomins but this looks cheap and hideous 😢

Where can I found this movie to watch it, but it?


This is the new Disney. I love the simplicity of the stop action characters. A wow big name cast!
Nepali maa nih launch garaunu parxa


Bill skarsgård plays in this and I couldn’t stop laughing it’s so cute, I am tell which one is him already just by the voices.


0:50 I hear a bit of Pennywise. That same whispery rasp, innocent voice, and a bit of an accent!
Pennywise voiced moomintroll
i♥you bill your amazing
Ronb bata aaune ✋✋.tara i want it in nepali😣😣
I hope they show this in Denver!
In a time of super fast paced cartoons .... with mindless and loud action.

it's great to see a classic way of making movies everyone that like to relax and be entertained can enjoy..


पुच्छर हल्लाउने अनि खाली खुट्टा नाच्ने खोइ त?? :(
Ensin piti vaihtaa ääninäyttelijät alkuperäsessä ja nyt tämmönen paska piti tehdä? Ei kiitos.
Nepali ma hunu paryo ani yasko series haru kahile end nahos... I want watch this untill i die man...
Can't wait to watch this movie!
Yay , Bill is in this movie . He is so cute and funny his voice is also way better than Morgan Freeman’s too