can i have a win win situation? lol

omg...recently suddenly SHING abit..jrock/vkei is really still my favourite...and my Kuan~~ LOL
shall i go back??? =x yea lah, actually i can..but thn hor~~~~ =x

zzz...needs serious thinking...x.x

and omg lah!!! i really HATE u people!!! =3= lalalala~~~ move on~~ i REN!!!! >;(

and good thing u are ok. and things are going well for u =)) though i dun tok much to u now, but i still rmb u. once a friend, forever friends XD!

and seriously, i shud get my prior right!!
1: school
2: friends
3: Love

family im kinda still figuring out things...loL!!! but dun worry, family is forever very impt...=)


*nothing to say*
k, thn jiu tmr, it happened many times, and i do not want to go ask..and evern if i asked...would u tell me the answer? i doubt so...opportunities are easy to lose...=.=...

k, everythg shall wait till tmr...=.= no matter what, i will wanna find out what i wan to find out. if i dun, thn it means im gonna really ignore from now on...=.=

coz no matter what...i still prefer to love myself to loving others.


k, i decided to base on my mood and decide where to blog no pics de post most prob i will be posting here bah~ in sku at 8.20am. but im nt in lab. im eating in south canteen=.=zzz...kao eh. early morning onli and im having mood swing/bad mood/no mood. =.=
tink im eally affected by the fact that i onli danced half a song out of 2 songs..partner work de somemore...=.=.=.= k, 1st song, no partner, fine~ who ask me dun wan to go for the practice at the yck cc..=.= thn 2nd song nid audit...and yea...why am i born so weird~(lol) nvm, i tink i will fail anythg tat nids auditing...=.=

nvm, dun blame anyone. i mean seriously. (though i duno why everytime i serious i doesnt sound serious...fck can. another weird thing) anw, i dunid to explain to anyone. u wan believe jiu believe dun believe thn too bad lor. i dun blame anyone~~ its my own fault...coz i didnt go on wed, and i wasnt u to standard during the auditing part too...and 'stage fright'' is nt a good reason...i noe...
hmm...Jie's(its lik freaking long since i call her that 'FCK') yaya, continue...her room hav thie duno what cheem quotes saying bout what mistake de. one of them is 'always blame urslf 1st' yea...i realised that loong ago b4 i went to her house and saw this thing. (so can say i post this paragraph for fun de. LOL) hmm...which is why i seldom blame anyone...but depends on situation oso. even if i blame, i will blame myslf much more as compared..(ノ_-。)

hmm...and i cant belive i even had the thought of quitting just bcoz of that(yea..'those~', nt that)!!! WTF!! slaps self can!! giving up jus like that?!! how could i even have that kind of thoguhts??!! i seriously owe myslf some slap! But NO!! IM NT GONNA GIVE UP JUST BCOZ OF THIS REASON!! NEVER!!! I SWEAR IM GONNA STAND OUT FROM ALL ONE DAY!!! JUST U WAIT AND SEE!!! SWEAR!!!!!!!!!

hmm....sian lah. i just feel like...WHY LIKE THAT!!!!! all thkz to myslf!! feeling sooo lonely and miserable now. though i have many friends around me. but honestly...none could replace u...=( enuf of sobbing. cry oso no use, cry le do nothing oso no use. the onli thing to do is to put down my pride and everythg! =.= sometimes i really think out of the the 7 sins, mine is the pride..=.= though they all say its sloth...=.=

lalala. and i really wasted MY ATTENDANCE FCK HIM. wan go out find juuu oso canot!!! end early end early retarded!!!! =.=