You typed the material for the abstract and began to draw up it. Should you make applications and what information should be added there? How to design applications correctly? All the details are in our article.


What is an annex to an abstract
In the appendix, you need to make the information that you referred to when preparing the abstract. This is not a bibliography, but blocks of information. It contains tables, infographics, pictures and photographs, etc., which are additional elements. They should not affect the volume, uniqueness of the work and the style of scientific presentation.

When filling out, it is important to take into account that the appendices are in the same order in which they were mentioned in the text of the abstract.

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Inside the work, the application is designed as a contextual link at the end of a sentence or paragraph related to it.


Style of design of attachments to the abstract
The same generally accepted parameters are used as for all educational works: font --Times New Roman, size --14, color --black, page number is indicated.

Applications are mentioned in the table of contents, each of which has a page. It is advisable to include at least two applications.

The word "Application" should appear before every heading. They are located together in the center, with an indication of the number. Some universities prefer to see a letter instead of the Arabic numeral of the number (Appendix A, Appendix B, Appendix C) ). The name is written under a separate subtitle.

Each application starts on a new page, indicated by a number, type designation (table, statistics, drawing, etc.) and a title. If a separate document is included in the application, it can be subdivided into paragraphs.

Depending on the nature, elements, volume of the material, it is allowed to use both portrait (vertical) and landscape (horizontal) versions of the sheet orientation. But when sewing, place them in accordance with the clockwise hand (the sheet turns from) right to left).


Tables attached to the abstract
If you need to put a table in the appendix, arrange it as if it were to be placed in the abstract itself.

The tables themselves are designated by numbers --a serial number. Headings should never have periods and should start with capital letters. Subheadings are written with small (lowercase) letters when they act as a continuation of the table column. Independent separate subheadings are written with capital letters. Subheading font size is allowed 12.

If the table has additional notes, they are written at the end above the border. A large table should be split into several sheets, while trying not to split inner columns.

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Decorating images and illustrations in applications
Scanned documents, photographs, drawings are images that need to be entered into applications.
Make sure that images taken from the Internet do not have watermarks.
Each such application should be signed as "Fig. 1", "Fig. . 2 "and so on. It is important to arrange the images entered in the appendices in the same order in which they are mentioned in the main text.

The correct design of the abstract is important when in most independent tasks aimed at assessing practical skills, they want to evaluate not theory and analytics, with the exception of research methods, but independent development. They are placed in applications, and therefore this is where the teacher wants to look in first.


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