New Experience


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Last night, I had a new experience as for my performance life.
It was very exciting!! And, I got new discovery.

It's a mixing show that classical piano music and hip-hop dance!!!

They said that their body just move reacted to the sound. So all dance were ad-lib. As dancer, audience, and sure me, It was fresh show, I think so.

Rainy Day's Morning

I woke up at 6:30 by phone-call from someone. Who was a staff of Alsok security company.
He said that our nursery school had been a blackout and they hadn't been not able to defend. He alrady standed there.

Today is Monday, so some children usually come at 7:15 am. We had only about 30 minutes at the time.
I called to electricity company, my hasband tried to repair one way or other.

First staff of nursery school came, she and me prepared childcare-space in temple what is next door to the nursery school.

electricity company's people came and tried to repair. At last, they found a short spot!
It's storehiuse's shutter. All electry had stopped cause of shutter's short.
Last night, It rained a lot.

Other electry spot was safe. So we was able to open nursery scholl at 7:40.
We breathe easier now!

Trout - Quintet

In June last year, we got to know as great members each other. A old-man brought this oppotunity.
It's a quintet that is consists of a violn, a viola, a cello, a contrabass, a piano.
Last weekend, we performed together again. It was a very nice time.

This organization is a pretty unique. Normaly, Piano Quintet is consists of 2 violns, a viola, a cello, and piano. That organization is a point of Shubert"Trout - Quintet".

All members are gentle and have a clear-cut personality. I like them very much, and always play with happiness.

A violnist is a tall woman. She has a long, brack, straight hair and has a strong sight obstacle. So when she walks, she need someone's help. And she has very good ears and a sense. Her sound is very beautiful and sweet, we feel her love to music from her violn sound.

A violist is a man who is very very smart. He is avarage height and avarage body. He usually talk a joke calmly.
When we built music, he lead us. He is a reliable person.

A cellist is a pretty woman. She is a smart and gentle, I feel like a my older sister as her.

A contrabassist was a pretty, a little fat, and cheerful woman. But she became a pregnant last month and decided to rest her work, so a new woman join in us.
A new woman looks young and pretty. She has round big eyes. And she is very politely.

A pianist is me. I'm probably like a small sister.(exclude basist)

Shubert"Trout - Quintet" is very long fight. We need about 45 min.
So if we play one time, we would been like a family. Music is a such things.