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The thriller of the year. I saw this today. Its amazing movie nice job.
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pensé que iba ser más terrorífica no asusta nada es más fome que el conjuro 2

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I saw this movie yesterday, FUNNIEST FRICKEN MOVIE OF ALL TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! hahahahahah, I recommend it :).
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barely has any cheap jump scares for the record, i swear this has to be the most disturbing, creepy, terrifying movie I've seen and for what they've achieved i along with many give this movie 10/10 great job great great job <3.
Well. I have come to respect Ryan Reynolds again. After Green lantern and his last poke at.. deadpool i wasn't really all that fond of him.. At all.. I even thought this movie would suck some major cock. I was pleasantly surprised though! Fantastic movie!.

8 out of 10 it's good


Watched this movie and wept. It's one of the movies where the trailers look epic but the movie itself is shit.
this one looks good.
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i love this movie is amazinggggggggggggggggggggggggg <3
This or Sabrina ? Anyways I cried tears of joy when I saw this totally enjoyed the story didn’t sleep I had to finish at the get go lmao... why can’t all series be like this Anything supernatural n am down.


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