Tales Of Vesperia - Sub Events Part Three | 氷の家



*Blue Texts Are The PS3 Version Difference/Extra

-------------------- Part Three --------------------

<After Everyone Joins Back>
- In Zaphias, talk to LeBlanc for Raven's Imperial Knights Captain title (Rebuilding The Union Part 2)
- In Zaphias, head toward the Nobles Quarter (Dark Enforcer Part 5)
- In Deidon Hold, talk to the Man near the tents to play the Mini Game Boarder Repede. Clear it in short amount of time then quit the Mini Game for Repede's Delivery Dog On The Snow title. For other courses, do the same but Repede needs to equip specific Overdrive Attachment to match each of the Referees (PS3 Version)
- In Myorzo, enter the Elder's House. Check the stand before the back wall to get the Bush Baby Doll. Go to Aspio and speak with Thoth for Estelle to learn Astion. If you are to do this later in the game, go to Deidon Hold instead of Aspio (Krytian Style Fighting)
- In Myorzo, enter the Elder's House. Check the stand before the back wall (Feelings In The Mural)
- In Yuumanju, pay 300000 Gald. After, sleep at any Inn and come back to Pay 600000 Gald (Hotspring Part 2)
- Fly toward the top of Mt Temza to trigger a scene (Dragon Race Part 1)
- In Mantaic, speak with the Cow Boy. Hand over Hourglass and All Divide for Gel Set (Cow Boy Part 4)
- In Capua Torim, toward the port to find Gauche and Droite. Go to Zaude and head to where you fought against Yeager to fight Gauche and Droit. While fighting them, be sure to steal Gauche Sword And Droite Sword. After beating them, you will get the Invitation From The Leviathan's Maiden and the Divine Cannon. With the Invitation From The Leviathan's Maiden, you can unlock 100 Man Melee in the Arena. However, don't clear 100 Man Melee because you won't get the full reward unless you have the Hunting Blades' Invitation (Avenging Soldiers Final Part)
- In Capua Torim, speak with the Woman to the right of the western stairs. Donate 500000 Gald then attempt to exit out at west to get Estelle's Noble Princess title (Estelle's Teacher Part 4)
- In Heliord, go down to the Lower Section. You can find Sicily by the river. After, fight at least ten battles then come back to find Sicily and a Robot. You can chase and find the Robot near the eastern tent (Professor Sicily Part 4)
- In Heliord, get near the Blastia (PS3 Version)
- In Heliord, speak with the Shop Owner. Take your time to gather the raw materials to get title for Judith, Estelle And Karol (Sexy Clothes)
- In Dahngrest, enter the eastern shop and talk to the Soldier. Be sure to get the Statue Of Friendship (Favorite Toys Part 1)
- In Dahngrest, talk to the right Bartender in the western bar. With the Basement Key, go to Gahsfarost. Check and Sorcerer Ring the left lever on the first floor. You will get the Fake Dein Nomos (Alexei's Research)
- In Dahngrest, talk to Yuu by the eastern entrance/exit. Head to the port in Capua Torim and talk to Nobis near Tokunaga (Nobis is by the western entrance/exit of Capua Torim in PS3 Version). Go back to Dahngrest and head in the Inn. Go to the last area of Mt Temza and check the east of the green warp for Ever Light Ore. Report back to Nobis in Capua Torim for 5000 Gald (Guild Quest Part 3)
- In Dahngrest, talk to the right Bartender in the western bar. Go to Zaphias and speak with LeBlanc by the fountain. Head in the Inn and speak with Mimura by the counter. Go to the Mansion Of The Wicked and head back to Dahngrest. Speak with Yuu by the eastern entrance/exit. Go back to the Mansion Of The Wicked and go back to Zaphias. Go south toward the Inn then speak with Mimura and Sebas. Pick the second choice and speak with LeBlanc by the fountain. Go report back to the right Bartender in Dahngrest for 6000 Gald (Guild Quest Part 4)
- In Dahngrest, talk to the right Bartender in the western bar. Go to the Union HQ and speak with the two at the upper right corner. Head to Baction and after going down the ladder, head up to north. With the Sorcerer Ring Level 3, break through walls to make it to B2F. Head to the room that is at the west of the most SE room. You will find the Schop (Shovel). Report back to the two in the Union HQ for 5500 Gald (Guild Quest Part 5)

<After The Birth Of Undine>
- In Zaphias, head toward the Nobles Quarter for Yuri's Dark Enforcer title (Dark Enforcer Part 6)
- In Halure, speak with the kids under the tree to get Estelle's Fairy Tale Weaver title (Under The Tree Part 3)
- In Halure, get near the tree for Estelle to learn Force Field (Under The Tree Part 4)
- In Myorzo, head to the second area. Speak with the Kid at the lower right to play the Dragon Race. Clear Level 3 to get Clones Dew which will power up Baul automatically. If you clear Level 5, you can get The Red Mantle and Judith's Super Dragon Rider title. If you have done at least 1000 Fatal Strike Chains, rest at the Inn then speak with the Kid for Judith's Into The Sky title (Dragon Race Final Part)

<After Nordopolika>
- In Aspio, head toward the center. Rest at the Inn at least twice and head toward the center again for Rita to learn Meteor Swarm. If you are to activate this later in the game, go to Halure instead (Spirit Magic Part 1)
- In Dahngrest, rest at the Inn (Raven And The Heart Blastia)
- In Myorzo, speak with the Elder (Judith's Sundering Moon Part 1)
- If you have finished (Sexy Clothes), sail to the near west of Nordopolika and check the Harvest Point for Patty's Glamorous Walker title (PS3 Version)

<After Getting All Four Spirits>
- A scene will trigger while flying around with Baul (Anxiety Of Spiritization)
- At the SE of Weasand Of Cados, you can find the Four Sisters Islands. Head in the rock formation on one of the islands. You will get the Zariche then head inside for Sorcerer Ring Level 4 (Fell Weapons Part 2)
- With Sorcerer Ring Level 4, explore Keiv Moc thoroughly for more items. You can also find the Nebilim (Fell Weapons Part 3)
- With Sorcerer Ring Level 4, explore Relewiese Hollow thoroughly for more items. You can also find the Mercurius (Fell Weapons Part 4)
- With Sorcerer Ring Level 4, go back to Quoi Forest. From the eastern entrance/exit, go west a bit and look out for rotten grass. Burn them to an area where you can find the Glashalabolas (Fell Weapons Part 5)
- Before you go on any further, make sure you have at least completed 50% of the Collector Book. Walk up the stairs in the west house in Aspio. Later, when you have completed 100% of the Collector Book, head toward the fountain at the west in Halure. You will get Limits Bottle and Estelle's Item Mania title. Make sure you at least activate the part in Aspio NOW because you are JUST before the deadline (Collector Book Final Part)

<After Capua Nor>
- When Patty goes off at nighttime, follow her to the west and toward the port behind the mansion. Get on the boat to the Atherum. Go up to the deck and when fighting Cifer The Wandering Skeleton, use the 麗しの星 (Maris Stella) (Secret Mission 20, PS3 Version)
- Fly toward Zaphias and head inside. Head down toward the Fountain from the north. After, head toward the Castle. In the PS3 Version, enter the Citizen Quarter then toward the Castle (Future Of Blastia)
- In Zaphias, sleep in Yuri's Room. Rita gets Imperial Princess' Close Friend title and Estelle gets Genius Mage's Close Friend title (PS3 Version)
- In Zaphias, enter Estelle's Room in the Castle to hear about the Telescopic Graveyard. Go to the last area in Zaude and you will be able to enter the Telescopic Graveyard. At the first layer, 蒼天層 Azure Sky Layer, you can find Flynn's Fell Weapon Nanatsusaya (Seven Branched Sword) at the NW of the 8F. At the second layer, 今生層 Current Life Layer, you can find Patty's Fell Weapon Courbis at the SE of 9F. After beating Ohma, you won't be able to advance further until you have beaten the game (PS3 Version)
- Fly to the Wekea Continent and land at the SE Part. You can encounter the Giganto Bloody Beak (PS3 Version)
- After beating all nine (eleven in PS3 Version) Giganto Monsters, go back to speak with Rich for Karol's Valiant Swordsman title. Go back to Capua Torim to speak with Rich's Father and report back to Rich (King Of Adventure Part 3)
- In Capua Torim, sleep at the Inn to see Karol's Dream (PS3 Version)
- In Capua Torim, you can enter the Lighthouse which is Patty's Home (PS3 Version)
- In Namcot Island, talk to the Cow Boy at NE. For 300 Chips, you can fight specific bosses for any missed Secret Mission. However, you don't get any Grade, Item, EXP and Gald (PS3 Version)
- In Namcot Island, enter the Gym. Speak with the Cow Boy at the Chip Exchange, Poker Table and the Ant Lion by the Toy Machines. Use over 250000 worth of Chips to trade in Prizes for Judith's Poker Face title. After, exit out the Gym and enter the Shoe Locker (Poker Face)
- In Namcot Island, enter the Gym and speak with the Cow Boy at the Poker Table if you haven't done so yet. Exit out and enter back the Gym to trigger the scene with Kaufman. Whether you win or lose the match, Judith will get the Legendary Gambler title (Gamble Life)
- Go to Yuumanju and speak with the Man at the upper left for the Tiara. Check the upper left Toy Machine in Yuumanju for three statues. Go to Zaphias and speak with Hanks for one more statue. For the last six statues, you get them through the Toy Machines in the Gym of Namcot Island. There is one statue each from 10 Chip Machine and 500 Chip Machine then two statues each from 100 Chip Machine and 50 Chip Machine. With all the statues, report back to the Man in Yuumanju for Yuri's Recollection Guardian title (Favorite Toys Final Part)
- In Namcot Island, speak with the Ant Lion near the entrance/exit after you have done (Favorite Toys Final Part). If you have opened up 445 (86%) Treasure Boxes, you will get Yuri's Treasure Hunter title (Treasure Hunter)

<After Flynn Leaves The Party>
- In Dahngrest, you can meet with Dyne a bit north from the Inn. Go toward the intersection in Mantaic and go to Mt Temza to fight the Giganto Monster. Go back to speak with Dyne at the intersection in Mantaic (Guild Quest Part 6)
- In Namcot Island, head in the Gym and speak with the Woman near the Stage to get the Drama Series titles, Estelle's Warrior's Sword and Shield (Drama Lovers)

<VS Flynn>
- Flynn uses 魔神剣 瞬迅剣 光翔翼 魔神連牙斬 獅子戦吼 爪竜連牙斬 ルミナンサイス 虎牙破斬 魔皇刃 紅蓮剣 断空剣 飛天翔駆 ホーリィランス 守護方陣 ファーストエイド and his HiOugi 光竜滅牙槍 (PS3 Version)

<After Aurnion>
- You will obtain the 明星弐号 (Vesperia 2nd) and Flynn joins the party PERMANENTLY (PS3 Version)

***Save The Game Before Entering Back Aurnion***
- Enter Aurnion and Yuri will learn Final Gale from Flynn (Sword Friend)
. DO NOT exit out Aurnion yet. At the center of Aurnion, there is a Barrier Blastia. Set Rita as the On Screen Character and check the Barrier Blastia from the right twice to name it Maria (Brionac Part 4). Rest at the Inn for a scene between Rita and Judith. Rita will name the Memento Fana (Study Of Hermes Final Part). Rest at the Inn for a scene between the Spirits (Conversation Between The Spirits). Lastly, rest the Inn for a scene between the party and Kaufman. You may now exit out and go to Caer Bocram. Go north and enter the near right house for Judith's Brionac. In the PS3 Version, Brionac is in the NW House. Afterward, you can sleep at the Inn of Aurnion one last time (Brionac Final Part)
**After The Above, You May Save The Game***

- Sail to the west of the Mansion Of The Wicked to find a Harvest Point. Check it to get the Leo Luca (PS3)
- In Zaphias, enter the Inn for Patty's Amazing Chef title (PS3 Version)
- In Zaphias, check the Fountain (PS3 Version)

- In Zaphias, head toward Lune in the Citizen Quarter (Dark Enforcer Final Part)
- Enter Keiv Moc to get Hunting Blades' Invitation and Karol's Golden Soldier title. With the Hunting Blades' Invitation and if you have cleared (Avenging Soldiers Final Part) previously, you may clear the 100 Man Melee and get the reward. Be sure to clear 100 Man Melee with at least three characters since it is one of the conditions to unlock 200 Man Melee (Golden Soldier)
- If you enter the 100 Man Melee with Flynn, you will fight Yuri at the end (PS3 Version)
- If you talk to the left Receptionist at the Arena, you can enter the Introductory Rank of Team Battle (PS3 Version)
- Enter Aurnion for the Warrior's Invitation (Rest at Yuri's Room in Zaphias for the PS3 Version). If you have cleared (Golden Soldier) and (Avenging Soldiers Final Part), you have three out of the four Invitations now (Arena Final Part)
- Enter Halure (Under The Tree Final Part)
- In Halure, toward the tree and speak with a Mage on the way if your party has inflicted over 60000000 damage in total. You will get Rita's Seeker title (Seeker)
- In Heliord, go down to the Lower Section. Find Sicily by the river for Murakumo if Repede is above Level 50 (Professor Sicily Part 5)
- In Halure, speak with Sicily near the Inn for Joke Weapons if you have completed the requirement. In the PS3 Version, you need to clear the 30 Man Melee under one minute and 30 seconds for Flynn's, Synthesis two hundred times for Patty's (Professor Sicily Final Part)
- In Capua Nor, you can find Nan if you have completed 100% of the Monster Book. You will get Karol's Manly Man title (Monster Book Final Part)
- In Capua Torim, talk to the Sailor near the Slide. Patty will learn Critical Moment (PS3 Version)
- Enter Capua Torim from the western entrance/exit for Karol to learn Rending Drop (One Night Training)
- In Caer Bocram, go north then go west all the way to fight Clint. You will get the Hunting Blades' Invitation 2 (PS3 Version)
- With the Hunting Blades' Invitation 2 and if you have cleared Introductory Rank of Team Battle at the Arena, you will then unlock Majestic Rank of Team Battle. If you don't have Karol and Raven in the Active Party, then you will fight them in the Majestic Rank (PS3 Version)
- In Heliord, go down to the Lower Section and talk to Witcher. Karolow X will be modified (PS3 Version)
- After (One Night Training), go to Dahngrest. Head toward the central area and pick either choice for Karol's Infinity (Big Voice Contest)
- With all recipes from Wonder Chef and all developed recipes, go to the Port in Nordopolika to talk to Wonder Chef for Mabo Curry recipe and the Cooking Battle Invitation. Go to Dahngrest to enter The Bistro Black Hole. The Participant should have MASTER on all HP or TP Recovery recipes and at least Three Stars for all other recipes. That will win you the Cooking Series titles (Cooking Battle)
- In Yormgen, check the Red Box (Illusion)
- In Yormgen, speak with the Butler of the Nobles. Enter the Zopheir Rift from the west and you will see the Micro Circuit. Report back and the male characters will get their Swimsuit Series titles. Talk to the Butler and go to Halure. Go west and talk to Giovanni near the Fountain for the Super Aer Board. Report back and the female characters will get their Swimsuit Seies titles (PS3 Version)
- Go to Mt Temza and head to the third area for Judith's Sundering Moon (Judith's Sundering Moon Final Part)
- Fly to the Yurzorea Continent East and enter the rock formation for the Sorcerer Ring Level 5 (Fell Weapons Part 6)
- In Yuumanju, you can get the Hotspring Series titles (Hotspring Part 3)
- In Aurnion, toward the left of the Blastia when Repede is at least Level 60 to get Repede's Tough Hound title
(Tough Hound)
- After (Tough Hound), sleep at King Of Adventure twice to get Repede's Shining Fang, Dog Crest and Repede's Ultimate Dog Warrior title (King Of Adventure Final Part)
- In Dahngrest, talk to a Cat by the western entrance/exit. In Aurnion, head toward the west when you have completed 85% of the Dog Map. You will get the Bone With Meat attachment and Big Boss' territories won't expand anymore (Dog Map Part 2)
- In Zaphias, talk to a Cat near the Memory Circle when you have completed 95% of the Dog Map. You will get Repede's Great Boss title (Dog Map Final Part)

- In Aurnion, find Drake at NW for Yuri's Certified Soldier title (Estelle's Teacher Part 5)
- Enter Aurnion and you will get Raven's Shining Star title if Raven has at least 100 Skills (Encouragement Of The Schwann Team Part 1)
- In Aurnion, speak with the Doctor in the Inn. Reenter the Inn and speak with the Doctor again. Speak with the Man that is near the Inn Owner. Once your party have healed at least 4000000 HPs, toward the Inn for Estelle's Dedicated Paramedic title (Dedicated Paramedic)
- In Aurnion, if you have done
(Estelle's Teacher Part 5) then talk to Drake at NE for Flynn's Ideal Captain title (PS3 Version)
- In Aurnion, find Drake at NE for Estelle's Worldly Adventurer title (Estelle's Teacher Part 6)
- Set Raven as the On Screen Character and enter Aurnion. Speak with Drake at the right of the Blastia for Raven's Vanji Lost (Rebuilding The Union Final Part)
- In Namcot Island, speak with Miska in the Gym. For the Five Books, search the Elder's Home in Halure, Chevaliers HQ in Heliord, Inn in Mantaic, Chevaliers HQ in Aurnion and Fortune's Market HQ in Capua Torim. Report back to Miska and answer the questions correctly for Rita's Miska Doctoral Degree title (Miska Doctoral Degree)

- In Mantaic, go to the Inn then to the Inn in Dahngrest. Go to Namcot Island and speak with the two at NW. Head to Aurnion and speak with Flynn in the Chevaliers HQ (In the PS3 Version, you don't need to speak with Flynn in Aurnion). Go to Zaphias and speak with the Guard by the Nobles Quarter. After, head into the Castle and speak with Mimura in the Jail Area. Head to Capua Nor and toward the east. Go to the Ghost Ship Atherum for a quick fight and go north after entering Caer Bocram. Go to the Union Jail Area in Dahngrest and feed the Old Man with Okonomiyaki recipe (Use Estelle to cook Fried Chicken And Fries repeatedly to unlock Scottish Egg then use Raven to cook Scottish Egg repeatedly to unlock Okonomiyaki recipe) to get the Note. Report back to Nobis in the Inn of Mantaic (Guild Quest Part 7)
- In Dahngrest, head toward the central area (Guild Quest Final Part)
- After (Guild Quest Part 7), go toward the tree in Halure to get Rita's Ivy Blade (Spirit Magic Final Part)

- In Mantaic, hand over Silver Edge + 1 Alpha to Cow Boy for Spectacles, Krona Symbol, Blue Dice, Reverse Doll, Holy Avenger, Super Electric Yoyo, Dragon Helm, Paladin Mantle, Black Onyx, Special Gel, Red Sage, Hourglass, Alexandrite and Reverse Doll (Cow Boy Final Part)
- Repeatedly use any tent item on the World Map for Flynn to learn Kouha Senshoujin (PS3 Version)
- In the Lenanthra Hollow, head toward the Graveyard (PS3 Version)
- Enter Relewiese Hollow for a scene with Sylph (PS3 Version)
- Enter Capua Nor and talk to Hisuka. Shastil will then show up. They are Senior Knights from the ToV Movie. Anyway, they are looking for the Sword Of Prayer which is a Treasure of the Chevaliers that got stolen by Alexei. Enter the Aer Krene that is at the SE of Weasand Of Cados. Within, go north to get to the Deep Hollow Region. At the end, get near the center to fight Sword Dancer. Exit out and enter the Aer Krene at the south of Zaphias. At the end, get near the center to fight Sword Dancer. Exit out and enter the Aer Krene at the north of Caer Bocram. At the end, there won't be a battle, so exit out and head to the last Aer Krene which is at the southeast of Yuumanju. At the end, you will fight Sword Dancer one last time. Back track out to meet with Hisuka and Shastil. They will give the Sword Of Prayer Lag Quarion to Flynn (PS3 Version)

- Equip the Shining Star title and make Raven as the On Screen Character. From the last Memory Circle, back track and go SE to a new area. Continue on to trigger a scene (Encouragement Of The Schwann Team Final Part)
- At the huge area with ladders, look for a path around the middle or the east. They lead to the Susanoo and the Uroboros. With all seven (nine in PS3 Version) Fell Weapons, exit out Tarqaron and head to Aurnion (In PS3 Version, you don't need to go to Aurnion). Go fight the Last Boss and you will fight his Third Form to unlock the Fell Weapons. The strength of the Fell Weapons depends on how many enemies killed with or without equipping the Fell Weapons (Fell Weapons Final Part)
- In Aurnion, you can find Agueron at NW. Talk to him and hand over raw materials to him for a total of three times. To make him reappear after each handover, sleep at the Inn few times and reenter Aurnion. After the third time, sleep few times and reenter Aurnion. You will get the King's Mantle (Development Of Aurnion)
- In Developed Aurnion, speak with Yodel at the west to get Estelle's Blue Crystal Rod (Estelle's Teacher Final Part)
- In Developed Aurnion, arrange the Warehouse for Special Gel, Strange Piece, Spring Of Knowledge, 2000 Gald and Karol's Warehouse Master title (Tidy Up The Warehouse Final Part)
- Use the Left Lift at the end to get out of Tarqaron. In Zaphias, speak with Ted near the Fountain for Yuri's Claimh Solais. Yuri will get Half Hope Of The Town title and in PS3 Version, Flynn will also get Half Hope Of The Town title (Hope Of The Town)

***Combination HiOugi***
- After
(Hope Of The Town), Yuri and Flynn can now do their Combination HiOugi, Bushin Soutenha. Yuri has to at least used 蒼破刃 Souhajin and 守護方陣 Shugo Houjin 200 times each. Flynn has to at least used 魔神剣 Majinken and 守護方陣 Shugo Houjin 200 times each. During battle, make sure both Yuri and Flynn are in OVL 4. Either Yuri or Flynn uses an Ougi or above then press and hold Square, X and Circle. The difficult part is to get both Yuri and Flynn be in OVL 4. There are few ways to do so:
1/ Limits Octet (clear Merciless Rank of Team Battle at the Arena) which gives OVL 8
2/ Activate OVL 4 with Yuri then hope Flynn does the same if Flynn has the skill ライバルエナジー2 Rival Energy 2 (from the weapon レイディアントスター Radiant Star which you can obtain by clearing 100 Man Melee with Flynn)
3/ Get Repede to equip the skill スピードアイテム Speed Item and spam リミッツボトル Limits Bottle
4/ Get Patty to use her Advanced Magic クリティカルモーメント Critical Moment and hope it gives the entire party OVL 4
***Combination HiOugi***

<After Beating The Game>
- In Crag Of Phaeroh, get near the Phantom Seam. Within Yormgen, speak with the Sage within the NW House. Head to Dahngrest and exit out. Fly toward the south of Yuumanju and you will discover the Extra Dungeon. Gather enough Imitation Gald then Defeat Kratos at the end to get Braver's Invitation which will unlock 200 Man Melee if you have cleared 100 Man Melee with at least three characters (Extra Dungeon Final Part)
- Unlock 200 Man Melee and if you have cleared Majestic Rank of Team Battle, you will unlock Merciless Rank of Team Battle. Clear it for Limits Octet (PS3 Version)
- If you have completed all Secret Missions in the same playthrough, speak with Flynn in Aurnion for Yuri's True Knight title. In the PS3 Version, you need to sleep at the Inn of Aurnion (True Knight)
- In Yuumanju, equip everyone with the Hotspring Series titles and speak with the Receptionist (Hotspring Final Part)
- Sleep at any Inn then talk to the Receptionist in Yuumanju. Repeat for Flynn's Spike Armor attachment, Judith's Glamorous Beauty title and Karol's Black Tights title (PS3 Version)
- Visit every location on the World Map including the Aer Krenes and the Extra Dungeon (In the PS3 Version, there is also the NEW Extra Dungeon Telescopic Graveyard). Sleep at the King Of Adventure to get Estelle's Curious Princess title (Curious Princess)
- Once you have seen all 12 Friends of Patty's HiOugi Summon Friends, enter Nordopolika and head toward the north. On the way, you will see Gim on the stairs. Talk to him and Patty will obtain the Successor Of The Great Pirate's Name title (PS3 Version)
- You can now go down further in the Telescopic Graveyard (PS3 Version)