LOL! Today was another busy day... I got up and straight to shopping the whole afternoon away! And I eventually headed over to my friend's restaurant for hangin out and bulgogi! We caught up and it ONLY took us 5 hours... uh.. xD then i met this one girl.. WHO I THOT WAS BLACK.. ended up being half korean.. o.O i didnt see it.. usually i can.. look at crystal kay..

Then i went to the mall for last minute stuff.. and as I was about to leave (IN A HURRY) i get pulled by this chick who starts buffering my nails.. she starts spraying a whole bunch of crap on my nails and scrubs it.. Now i have a shiny nail for 1 month xD LOL!!

She was hecka hilarious.. she's like "ONLY 69.99" and im like "uh no, im busy, gotta go" and she replies with "YOU BUY 2 BOXES, I GIVE U ONE FREE"... I told her no and she says "YOU BUY 2 BOXES, I GIVE U 2 FREE".. Then i told her I really gotta go, she then replies "IM THE MANAGER, I hook u up!"

ME: Uh, what...
HER: u have girls to buy stuff for.. 5 girls right?
ME: uh.. how did u know it was 5...? and its not 5
HER: oh, you playah, i give u 6 boxes
ME: can i just come back later?
HER: oh no honey, you buy gift with my discount
ME: what?
HER: your mom, your gf, your female friends
ME: its okay
HER: okay honey, you buy one box, one free
ME: nope
HER: okay, you buy buffer, u get whole kit free
ME: uh no...
HER: i hook u up tho
ME: *i start to walk away*
HER: hey honey, i give u my card, and discount coupon
ME: *walks away*
-> she then talks to her friend in viet (she talked about how im a hard customer)
HER: *goes up to me* honey, i a girl, i know whats good!
ME: sry, bye...
HER: okay, here's my number

Im missing a whole bunch of convo in there xD i finally just took her card and left.. BUT ZOM! she kept whispering "im the manager, i hook u up" WOW.. so yea, for people who need advice on shopping in malls.. those people can totally be pwned by korean bargaining skill.. either reject their offers, or just say u saw it somewhere else for cheaper...

Long story short, a 69.99 nail cleaning kit... i was able to lower it to 10 - 15$ for the kit.. LOL! That lady reminds me of -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsWrY77o77o


then yea.. i met up with some friends at AMC to watch AVATAR 3D.. WHICH IS SO MUCH BETTER THAN 2D!!! seriously.. everyone should watch this movie.. it pwns! i saw soem of my other friends, but they sat so far away ;..; BTW!!! I KNOW u were there kaley!!! xD LOL! didnt u tell ur dad that ur going to go shopping with michelle today xD LOL! LAIYA!!! michelle wasn't even with u xD

Im home at like 1am.. xD and time to spend time with mah dog~ KiYo needs to go on his 3AM walk soon xD its freakin 3:30 now :> wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooot!

도라지 무침 (Spicy Platycodon)

材料 (Ingredients)
더덕 300g
300g Platycodon
통깨 1작은술
1 tspn Roasted Sesame Seeds
참기름 1작은술
1 tspn Sesame Oil
소금 약간
A pinch of salt

조림장 (Sauce)
고춧가루 1작은술
1 tbsp Red Pepper
고추장 2큰술
2 tbsp Red Pepper Paste
설탕 1큰술
1 tbsp Sugar
물엿 1큰술
1 tbsp Corn Syrup

다진 파 2큰술
2 tbsp Cut Green Onion
다진 마늘 1작은술
1 tspn Minced Garlic
식초 1큰술
1 tbsp Cooking Vinegar

1. 더덕은 겉에 묻은 흙을 털고 칼로 돌려가며 껍질을 벗긴다.
2. 큰 것은 반으로 갈라 옅은 소금물에 잠시 담근다.
3. 더덕은 마른 면보로 감싸고 방망이로 밀어 납작하게 편 뒤 살살 두드린다.
4. 3을 면보에서 꺼내 길게 찢어 소금을 살짝 뿌려 둔다.
5. 분량의 양념장 재료를 모두 싞어 양념장을 만든다.
6. 순질한 더덕에 영념장을 넣고 조물조물 무친다.
7. 양념이 골고루 잘 배면 참기름과 통깨를 뿌려 낸다.

1. Wash the platycodon and remove any non white parts. (If pieces are big, cut them down)
2. Put them in water and leave it for 10+ hours to hydrate.
3. Prepare the sauce by mixing all the ingredients together.
4. Then take the platycodon and stir it in the sauce.
5. Add sesame seeds, salf, and sesame oil in the end to make the side dish! And it's done!


소중한 사람을 위해 만드세요~
Please make these dishes for someone special~
음시을 만들때마다, 사랑을 담으세요.
Whenever you make a recipe, fill it with love.

연근조림 (Lotus Root)

材料 (Ingredients)
연근 300g
300g Lotus Roots
식초 1/4작은술
1/4 tspn Vinegar
통깨 1작은술
1 tspn Roasted Sesame Seeds
참기름 1작은술
1 tspn Sesame Oil
소금 약간
A pinch of salt

조림장 (Sauce)
간장 3큰술
3 tbsp Soy Sauce
맞술 2큰술
2 tbsp Cooking Alcohol
설탕 1큰술
1 tbsp Sugar
물엿 1큰술
1 tbsp Corn Syrup
다시마물 1컵
1 cup Seaweed Water

1. 연근을 필러로 껍질을 벗기고 씼어서 5mm 두께로 썰어 바로 식촛물[물 4컵 + 식초 3방울]에 담근다.
Using a peeler, peel the skin off the lotus roots. Cut into 5mm thick rings and dip them in a bath prepared from 4 cups of water and 3 drops of vinegar.
2. 갈변을 막기 위해 식촛물에 10분 정도 담갔다가 건져낸다.
Keep the lotus roots in the bath for about 10 minutes and then take them about.
3. 꿇는 물에 소금을 넣고 연근을 5분 정도 데친 후 건져서 찬물에 행군다.
Add salt in a pot of boiling water. Then add the lotus roots and boil for 5 minutes. Then transfer the lotus into a bath of cold water.
4. 냄비에 물엿을 제외한 조림장 재료를 넣고 끓인다.
In a pot or naembi, add the ingredients for the "sauce."
5. 조림장이 끓어오르면 데친 연근을 넣고 뚜껑을 덮어 약한 불에서 간이 배도록 서서히 조린다.
When the sauce starts boiling, add the lotus roots and cover. Let it cook over a low heat for a long time.
6. 연근이 투명하게 조려지고 국물이 거의 남지 않으면 물엿과 통깨, 참기름을 넣고 고루 섞는다.
Let the lotus roots become transparent and cook until liquid is mostly gone. Add a little bit more of corn syrup, sesame seeds, and sesame oil and then stir. Finished!


It's good if you make it for someone important to you! Or even for a good friend~
Whenever you make a recipe, make it with love.

団子 <경단> Gyung Dan

Tonight, one of my friends (tsukiyo) asked me to teach her how to make Gyung Dan. In Korea, Gyung Dan is really popular. Although there's a variety, I will show you guys how to make the one with sweet potato filling.

In this recipe, instead of red bean, I will use Korean style sweet potatos! When making it the traditional way, anko 팥 (red bean) is used.

材料 (Ingredients)

260g もちこ
2 cups Mochiko

130g 熱湯
1 cup boiling water

約130g 金団「薩摩芋」
1 cup sweet potato (can also use red bean)

2大スプーン さとう
2 tbsp sugar

1小スプーン しお
1 tspn salt

Black soybean powder

Mugwort powder

方法 (Method)

Mix in a bowl the mochiko, sugar, and salt

While you mix with a spoon, add the 1 cup of hot water

After that, mix by hand

Take a small piece of the dough, and flatten it

Then, take a piece of mashed sweet potato and add it on the inside (like a filling)

Boil the rice cakes

Drop the boiled rice cakes into a a bowl or pot of ice cold water

Then, dip the rice cakes in the variety of powders

It's really delicious!


It's good if you make it for someone important to you! Or even for a good friend~
Whenever you make a recipe, make it with love.

Big Bang - Heaven

빅뱅 - 천국 <ビッグ・バン-天国>

ビッグ・バンに歌われた 하루하루 <ハル・ハル> を始め、거짓말 <うそ>や、Always <いつも> が好きです!


사랑해 난 널 기억해 Heaven
(愛してる 僕は君を覚えてる Heaven)
La La La La~

24/7 그댄 영원한 Heaven 24/7 그댄 나만의 Heaven
(24/7 君は永遠のHeaven 24/7 君は僕だけのHeaven)
24/7 그댄 영원한 Heaven 24/7 Heaven Let's GO~
(24/7 君は永遠のHeaven 24/7 Heaven Let's GO~)


※너를 사랑해 너를 부르네 너를 기억해 너를 기다리네
(君を愛してる 君を呼んでる 君を覚えてる 君を待ってる)
그대의 말 한마디 사랑한다는 그 한마디
(君のひとこと 愛してるっていうそのひとこと)
너를 사랑해 너를 기억해
(君を愛してる 君を覚えてる)

기쁨, 슬픔, 눈물, 하늘, 별 그리고...천국

내 모든 생활 속에 그대가 숨을쉬고
나의 전화기엔 어느새 너의 이름만 보이고
하루에도 몇번씩 너의 두 손을 붙잡고 입맞추면 세상을 다 가진 기분이야
(一日に何度も君の手を掴んで口づけ出来たら 世界が自分のものになったような気分さ)

Oh baby 매일 들어가는 미니홈피 달콤한 향기
(Oh baby 毎日行くミニホムピ 甘い香り)
Oh baby 내 사랑을 전하기엔 짧은 문자메세지
(Oh baby 僕の愛を伝えるときは 短い携帯メッセージ)
사람들이 놀려대 하루 온종일 행복해
(皆がひやかしても 四六時中幸せさ)
Oh baby 요즘 참 살만해 because of you
(Oh baby 最近本当に日々が楽しいよ because of you)


하루하루가 두렵지 난
(一日一日が怖いよ 僕は)
네가 또 떠나갈까봐 내게서 희미해질까봐
(君がまた去ってしまうんじゃないか 僕から遠ざかってしまうんじゃないかって)
너무 감사해 너무 사랑해
(本当にありがとう 本当に愛してる)
내 맘의 천국문의 단 한사람아


24/7 My heaven


Love you girl 君だけがMy Heaven
La La La La~

24/7 言ってみりゃHeaven 24/7 夢心地Heaven
24/7 永遠さHeaven 24/7 Heaven Let's GO~


※会いたくて会いたくて あの海でYeah待っているよ
君への想い 朝も昼も夜も 会いたくて You are my heaven

Happiness, Sadness, Tears, Sky, Stars and...My Heaven

君だけがいない色のない世界 ダメージは深くて計り知れない
あの日の唇まだ温かく 思い出せるのになす術もない
Oh baby ほら心の中に君のメモリーズ
Oh baby まだ体に残る君のメッセージ
Oh baby 降る冷たい雨 Because of you

消えないで消えないで あの夏でYeah時を止めて
思い出抱いて 秋も冬も春も 永遠に You are my heaven

最後に来たメッセージ 「ごめん」だけじゃ正直何もわかんない
もう一度そばに来て あの頃みたいに笑って


24/7 My Heaven