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But I think that no one can survive in these circumstances because the nuclear explosion has issued a very large mass and then a high combustion. This combustion burns each atom of oxygen in a way. The secondary pressure will expel any air from the human body. The lungs will explode and they can rupture. The arteries can not protect a normal well from those injuries.


Great job Toney! Now off to the Cub Scout meeting with you!

10/10 would recommend. Prevented someone from taking a picture of me using this same technique.. racer

Everyday threats: Fire Cars The atomic bo- wait what?
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I wait for the time real Nuclears Bombs are used for films
Hey kids don't worry! All you have to do to protect yourself from the day of Armageddon when the threat of total thermonuclear annihilation turns into full-on nuclear war where weapons of mass destruction with mega-tons of power produce giant fiery explosions that can instantaneously vaporize you, burn you alive, impale you with debris, and cause radiation related illness like acute radiation sickness and cancer is to hide under a desk! Jesus. This is like saying a T-rex could survive the meteor if it hid under a tree.. bar


8:26 Kid picks his nose


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