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seen this in year8
can a soundbar be connected to any tv
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love the germs song LOL :)
I liked this video mostly, but please don't call autism a disease :( it's a disability, not a disease :(

aller je like la vidéo et je m abonné
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idk why but i think its cute that all that little guys are doing great stuff for me.
They do this was just on
Me and my brother were both cut out cause my brother blocked the path and they had to cut him out and they said if they did the same with me it would be safer.

So beautiful
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@MujtabaKhan96 same :) 
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but we have to watch it as it's our assignment.
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Thank you so much
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mac connected to tv
I like your video video !
@DRMACKIUS I didn't LOOK for it, my friend likes it and he went on it so I thought while he was on it on my account I might take the opportunity to express my opinion.
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Yay, i'm constantly being laced with acid by a tiny happy.......

fave food prodects beer? what if soem peopel watching teis dont drink? huh? then its not 'everones favorete
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The Science of Sleep - Wikipedia
Gates of Vienna
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my science teacher showed me that too
Connected tv Microbe & gazoline

rubbish! We had to put up with this in a science lesson

Watching this video in toilet What a feeling
Some one said this song sounds like Automatic by Tokio Hotel...i dont hear it lol!! but i used to love this movie back in the day lol!!!
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I watched this with a mate of mine whilst being stoned, omfg that was weird.
wassup bro
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Autism isn't a serious disease
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Your welcome.
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this is just adorable ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
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Nice autistic microbe
I love you nina
Educational videos for kids.Keep it up guys.I kiss you Dr binocs. 😘.
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sing louder pls
OMYGOSH the memories ^.^
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Make my heart go..
lmao im watching this movie right now :P
I love his videos. ☺😊😀😁😄
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uggghhh this song set my standards for romance super high as a preteen lmao still gold tho
microbe and gasoline trailer
That teaches me nothing
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News: Breaking stories & updates - Telegraph
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i saw this in school today grrrrr i ahte it its stuck in my head!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The brave new world of DIY faecal transplant - BBC.

i did it I'm the 1000 like

love this song <3

The Science of Sleep (French: La Science des rêves, literally The Science of Dreams) is a 2006 surrealistic science fantasy comedy film written and directed by.