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Just saw this in theaters with the gf. It was everything we wanted and more. A healthy reminder that we all grow old, but should never grow up.


Ted got competition now lol

All I know is piglet and the rest better be there

y si llore


three months left. I can not wait anymore!!
I saw the movie last weekend it brought me back to when I was younger


amo esta historia i love that. me hace creer..
As soon as Pooh spoke, it was instant tears. A thousand and one memories from childhood hit me all at once. I can’t wait to see this. Christopher has been without Pooh for far too long. 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜.
nothing is impossible but i do nothing everyday
I 💘 this! It's so needed and sweetly simple. Gushing and almost in tears. Pooh bear dropped that word too. I always get to where I'm going by walking away from where I've been..

Christopher Robin... - Pooh Me: dies of ultimate childhood feels after hugging own Pooh stuffed animal.

Adorable. Another great thing about this accent is that if you close your eyes and listen to this it's like Obi-Wan's the one going around picking up all his stuffed animal friends from childhood and if that isn't exactly what an Obi-Wan movie should be about.

As a hardcore Winnie the Pooh fan I've been waiting for this for years, so I'm hoping for the best.🤞

So hard to hold back tears at 0:47 . Waves of emotion :)

Good, Goodbye Christopher Robin movie from the last year was too depressing.


Is this some sort of hidden sequel to that other movie called goodbye Christoper Robin? That movie wasn't made by Disney but the story was really enjoying/sad. So please Disney... make this beautiful.
Y conejo??!
One of the best movies made in 2018!
this movies coming out on my birthday ^^

Best film that i've ever seen
My Aunt has always loved Winnie the Pooh and when I showed her this she immediately asked if we could go and see it
sooo she retired from SHIELD and became a full time wife ....☺ if only cap cud see her now.
I don't know why but this would make a great horror film Like Christopher Robin is suffering from a mental disorder And pooh and his friends are pissed the Christopher Robin left them? Why is this getting so real???.

En la película falta conejo
Not gonna lie I wasn’t expecting Jim Cummings to be voicing pooh in this but I’m so happy he is
every time Pooh opened his mouth I cried his optimism is so contagious there is hope in this world after all
Llore esta pelicula es muy especial porque yo me imagino q todos crecimos con esta pelicula y ver a christoper robin y a winnie the poohes hermoso like si lloraste con el trailer y cresiste con winnie the pooh😢😭🖒🖒.

My god the feels 😢😭