A typical fair-skinned client | 王様のあたまはハゲてない!?-フサ坊主への道ー

A typical fair-skinned client


Today, I would like to show you my treatment.


we receive so many questions from our clients.

Those questions are about skin color change after the treatment.

there are some reddish spots on SMP treated area.

As far as we know, this is the mild- inflammatory reaction in the skin.

Especially the clients with pretty fair-skin and wide-spacious treatment, we can often see reddish spots.  




These reddish spots( the sign of the mild-inflammatory reactions) are going to subside soon.


after the 1st treatment, there are some skin color changes.  

as you can see the pics below, it`s gonna be a little reddish area?  on the skin.  


This skin color change remains 2-4 days. 

after this period, you don`t see reddish spots anymore and don`t even feel pain.



The pics show you good examples of the treatment for a fair-skinned client.

the treatment area is pretty wide and spacious. 

Hence, there is a skin color change after the treatment.  


This is the previous pic of the treatment 

The above pic is after the 1st treatment. 

Our 1st treatment is much more like a TEST? to check out how the pigment holds in the skin.

Therefore, I intentionally hit the dots spacious. 

As you can see, the density of the dots is not so high. 


this is the pics of after the 2nd treatment.

This time I pay attention to the higher density on the balding area.


Usually, there are reddish spots in the SMP treated area. 

When the balding area is spacious and the dot density is still lower, 

you can see the change of fair-skinned color. 

After those reddish spots are gone. we don`t see a fair-skin balding area anymore.

this client doesn't look like  bald on top anymore



After the 3rd treatment is done!



This time we check the scalp where looks like still balding.

If the balding area is spacious, we got to hit the dots the same as the previous treatments


Compared to the previous treatments, 

we don`t see drastic reddish color changes in the 3rd treatment.


we can still sees little reddish change but this is not like 1st and 2nd treatments.

Typically the higher the dot density is the more reddish color changes.

Hence, those client tends to feel much more pain.


if your balding area is not so spacious and wide, the remaining hair covers the reddish skin. 

Therefore, you really don`t see the reddish spots on the scalp

Plus, when the dot density is not higher, you don`t feel so much pain and the treatment time becomes shorter.

As a result, your treatment cost is so much cheaper.


If you have any questions, PLEASE contact us!!


If you have any questions, please contact us!!

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