The best solution for your hair-loss ? | 王様のあたまはハゲてない!?-フサ坊主への道ー

The best solution for your hair-loss ?


Our practitioners have diverse backgrounds such as an entrepreneur, hairstylist, nurse, and ENG translator.

We make use of our expertise in our treatments and offer better services.

One of our practitioners is an American art-school graduate.  

She is also a licensed practice nurse in Japan.

Recently, she has learned permanent makeup in Europe and simultaneously experienced Turkey's SMP training program as an instructor. 

So, she has a pretty unique academic background as a practitioner.

In our clinic, she is specialized in treating females and also international clients.

Her versatile skills enable to offer specialized services in our clinic.

I am gonna show you treatment pics below.!




Our clients come to contact us so depressed.  

Some have tried hairpieces and also experienced  FUT or FUE hair transplants already. 

However, they are far from their expectations.

As soon as those prospective clients meet our practitioners, we see their desperations are changed.

SPJ practitioners have already experienced SMP treatments and understand hair loss desperations.

We used to have the same issue and worried before treatments.

Hence, we understand the importance of the consultation.

The consultation is the opportunity for those prospective clients to actually look at our techniques. 

They can see our technique on the practitioner`s scalp. 

 This is what we can promise to those prospective clients.


Our clients frequently send us a letter after the treatments.

They express gratitude and how their feeling and lives changed positively.

They became  more socialized and start to create a new relationship in  society


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