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Considering our tretament ?

We often receive questions from our prospective clients.

those questions are about regular treatments or  just small touch-ups from other companies 
But sometimes, they are seeking serious-help for the treatments.
Those clients don`t choose laser treatment to erase SMP.
One of the reasons is the cost of erasing entire treatment on the scalp.  
Besides, it takes quite a long time to erase every dot. (=probably takes  3 -5 laser treatments and 6 months to 1 year to erase the dots on the scalp )
Therefore, they choose repairing the previous treatment by our techniques.
the pics below show you a good example of our clients.
This treatment was done by an American practitioner. (2012-07-10)
Surprisingly, the dot migration and fading started after a couple of months
Repairing the previous treatment by our practitioner.
Scalp micro pigmentation needs touch-ups. 
Because this is one of the cosmetic tattoos and they do fade after 3-5 years. 
Hence, clients need to touch up after the initial treatment.
As you can see the pic above, there is a lot of ink fading and migration of the dots. 
as far as we are concerned, this pigment is not for SMP but more like a regular tattoo or probably permanent make-ups. 
therefore, it caused the migrations and fading such a short time.
Plus, the front hairline is totally different from his expectation. 
so, we lower the front hairline and re-create a new buzz cut. 



Our pigment is applied to the dermal layer of the skin to replicate tiny hair follicles. 

This needle insertion depth is completely different from regular tattoos. 

To create this shaven look, we use not only specific skills but also the  special needles and the pigment. 

Compared with regular tattoo needles,  our needles are much smaller and finer (= we call this  3 point micro ). 

The pigment is also different from tattoos and permanent make-up.

This particular pigment doesn`t change the color and keep the round-shaped dots for a long time.

.A lot of regular tattoo inks are going to change the color to more bluish and easily causes migrations. 

 This particular pigment prevents the dots from sticking together. 


And one more example was done by a Japanese tattoo artist (2014-02-24)

From our perspective, this tattoo artist inserted the ink too deep where is the far below of the epidermis layer on the scalp.

Moreover, this pigment is not appropriate for Scalp micro pigmentation which causes migration and bluish fading. 


From our point of view, each dot should be more meticulously placed on the scalp.

This is the reason we control the hand pressure and stretch the skin depending on the treatment spot. 


Our repair-treatment.


Make sure and confirm before your treatment. 

Some of the practitioners still use regular tattoo inks. 

Those tattoo ink turn reddish or blueish after the treatment.

Our pigment will not change the color. 

The internationally recognized practitioners 

and major Scalp Mico-Pigmentation clinics use the same pigment of ours over 10 years



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