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My elder daughter has a boyfriend often making a business trip. He lives alone and keeps a poodle. Every time he leaves home, he asks her to take care of his puppy. She is willing to accept his request and bring it to home. The white curly dog is so cute that even getting rid of its body waste is not troublesome to us. The puppy is brought up on dog food so it shows no interest in other food like pudding, cake and milk. We can enjoy watching TV programs with the new family member. Why am I writing about the dog? I read an article about “Anger at royal child feeding dog ice cream” on the Net. It said to the effect that food meant for human consumptions as some items, like chocolate, can be highly toxic to dogs and dairy items can be difficult for them to break down.



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意見:Voting should not be mandatory.

理由1:Financial burdens will go to next generations.

理由2:Crucial businesses will be ignored in parliaments.

I am opposed to a compulsory voting system in Japan not only because it will put more financial burden on next generations but also because it will miss opportunities to debate important issues.

If voting is mandatory, more candidates will pledge pork-barrel policies to gain ballots form voters who are indifferent to politics. That can lead to a worse financial hardship than now.

Another problem caused by a mandatory voting system will dilute opinions of voters who are highly interested in politics. Businesses to be discussed among politicians will not even be brought in assemblies. That can lead to the loss of opportunities to deliberate critical agendas.

If a mandatory voting system is introduced in Japan, that will sow the seeds for worse results in the future.


Should people have to pay for ambulance services?

People don’t need to pay for ambulance services.

Behind this controversial issue, some make use of the medical emergency system who are suffering lower acute diseases, and others use these services instead of taxi ones. If those who are careless about other patients or the initial and running cost of this system are required to pay for their use of them, the number of users will drastically decline.

If people are obliged to pay for these services, some patients in urgency who are more cost conscious will hesitate to call ambulances. If such a kind of thing happens, the meaning of this medial system will be doubted. That is a typical case of putting the cart before the horse.

There is a concern that charges for use of an ambulance will drive away low income families having little children or consisting of elder persons only. They are most prone to suffer abrupt illnesses. Usability of urgent medical systems must have precedence over running cost of ambulances.

Money is important, but health is more important. Use of ambulances should be free even if some careless unurgent persons use them.

理由1:Some patients hesitate to use ambulances

理由2:Low income families are drove away from use of ambulances.

大略: Charges for use of ambulances drive persons in urgent or in needy of the chance of being treated under emergency medical systems.



Should moral values be taught in school?

Moral values should not be taught in school.

When keeping in mind Japan’s economic growth, moral values should not be taught in school. Forcing pupils to obey to cookie-cutter values will pose an obstacle to nurturing their creativity and initiative. Is it possible for them lacking flexibility in thinking to create innovative business models, invent advance technologies, and win a cut-throat competition in the global market? School should provide them with better environments to develop their abilities of thinking, planning, and doing on their own.

To expand the presence in the international market, it is necessary for businesspersons to understand a wide range of information concerning local cultures, religions, thoughts, and environments. The must acquire a so called agree to disagree attitude. That means that school should help children have broad mind to understand differences and diversity in each society.

From the view of Japan’s economic growth, moral values will not be useful so should not be taught in school.

理由1:Moral values will not lead to developing children’s initiative.

理由2:Moral value will not lead to understanding diversity.

大略:Moral values will not help children become competitive in a global market because of lack of initiative and a sense of diversity.



Should minors who commit serious crimes receive the same punishment as adult?

Minors committing serious crimes should not receive the same punishments as adult.

Most people anticipate that the number of juvenile crimes will decrease if persons under age receive penalties as heavy as adults. They think that strengthened penalties will work as a deterrent. But even adults do not correctly understand the level of criminal charges before committing felonies.

Given the lack of experiences and level of immaturity of young people, it is inappropriate for them to receive the same punishments as adults. No one was born to be a decent person. Acquiring experiences through daily life in a society makes minors a decent citizen who can tell right from wrong appropriately.




ライティングにチャレンジ!(CNN English Express, May issue


What are the main factors widening the gap between the rich and the poor?

Education and earnings are two main factors widening the gap between the rich and the poor.

High-educated persons have a more possibility to land a well-paid job such as medicine, law or finance. These jobs enhance their knowledge, skills in related fields, which is certain to lead to more earnings. They are definitely in a virtuous cycle. Education is a key to financial success.

High-earnings enable the children to enter a privately-run elementary school attached to a prestigious university. Higher educational fees provide them with a better learning environment, including teaching, curriculum and assessment, which guarantees them academic success. Spending huge money is sure to pay off. This is another virtuous cycle. 

Japan's low birthrate



Does more need to be done to address Japan's low birthrate?

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It is unnecessary to take more measures in order to increase its birthrate. Despite monetary support by municipalities over decades, even a slight improvement has not been seen yet. This is because having children depends on women’s will. The challenge of raising the birthrate needs to be dealt with immediately but does not fit in with a policy. Another reason is that a low fertility rate is a result from the industrial transformation in developed countries. Service industry needs less labor force than agriculture, forestry and fisheries do. The introduction of intelligence technology lessens workers even in the primary industry. No one cannot resist this trend. To sum up, improving the birthrate does not always reflect women’s intention and meet the economic demand.