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Everything lived in harmony until the fire nation attacked ( 00:59 )
loca movie!!!
Blue Sky going out with a bang before Disney acquires them
The dark side of genetic science is a horrible sight ! You just imagine what all these shadow units in the West are brewing in undisclosed laboratories, Guess we'll find out things go sour !.

Keep an eye on Hollywood and the movies that are coming out. They aren't just 'movies'. They're put out there to program the masses to eventually except what's coming ... to what's been going on in secret for decades now..





So basically they F around with human DNA and end up screwing up a girl's life

I was disappointed at the bird thing. Now i know how a dog feels at a fake throw.


Quero Assistir vou em seu encontro Pra Assistir mos Juntos ou Troco Por Outro de Ficção Star war

Thats hot

It looks like a H. G. Wells rip-off!

Bad movie -_-

She looks like Mewto

Jesus Christ those nipples were so big.
Who is gonna watch the movie because of Finn and Jack