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Master of your domain

Master of your domain

In doing my college days i added to my cash flow by designing websites around my breaks between classes.I would look businesses that didn have a website then would purchase a domain, make a website, then present it directly with them.

My deal was very effortless, the website is free for however long as they host through me.I would retain ownership of the website development and domain name.

Eco-Friendly tea's health benefits decade later and i still have several clients hosting their sites through me.One of these clients even credited me with helping them secure more than 50% of their sales since that is the percentage that was done oversea due to its website.

That same client retired only a decade ago and sold his company.Within a few weeks of the new owner coming in i get a call from an it contractor asking me to give him full effects of the domain because he had built a new website.I explained that there was a contract to hosting through me and i would be happy to setup an account on my server for him to use for this new website.

That didn go over pretty likely.In the mail i got a call from my client, the new owner of this business.He demanded i give this licensed workman(Who been his brother)Management of the domain.I shown the contract and even emailed him a scanned copy of the signed original in case he didn have a copy of his own.

I didn listen to him for a few weeks.I assumed he finally understood the design and left it at that.Then bill due date goes by without acquire any money.I called repetitions unsuccessfully.I managed approach the accounting department who explained that the owner hasn approved it yet.

I waited few more weeks then called, when more unsuccessfully.This went on for just over three months before i showed up at work unexpectedly and managed to catch the owner.After asking him the deal was, he said he refused to pay me until i gave his brother ownership of the website.This wasn even be Pandora Charms Canada in charge of anymore, it was possession.

I explained how the contract worked and how he was compelled to pay me.He explained"Well take me to ct, i know full well he was assuming i will give in and let him have it.Surprisingly his bully techniques didn work on me.

I went home and redirected the domain from his mail servers to my own private mail servers.I then put up a dummy website who had in big letters:

Due to an upcoming lawsuit with[commercial enterprise name] this website and associated emails will no longer be available.[Contractor name] Is more than three months delinquent in the money they owe and have offered no assurance of being able or willing to pay.

For all of your product or service needs, please visit one such other great websites to see their latest offers.

Within a couple of hours i was called with a demand to remove the default page and return the site and email to its previous state.

I offered them an answer: "Pay your trusty damn bill,

The actual drove to my house and paid me cash.A few weeks later i decided i didn want to invest these guys again and came up with a very large number for them to buy out their contract.They unwillingly accepted and paid.That money acquired a new car, three months or more in italy, and an advance payment on a new condo.

Tl;Dr company tries to withhold payment so i Pandora Sale Canada took down the website and email.They eventually bought out the contract and paid for me a new car, a vacation, and a deposit on a condo.

It not like op bought all the names related to that said company and held them hostage(We don have all the info though so it usually is the case, just isn't expected).He bought a domain relevant to the particular business in a way, build a showcase website and solicited the on target company.The health of op for that package was that he retains the ownership of the domain for a certain price.

At this time, if the company doesn feel safe in relation to someone else owning the domain, they will put forth an offer.Op wasn shady in a ways imo.He was upfront about how he wanted to run his business and the first owner of the business Silver Bracelets was even happy of the service provided.

If the contract was for the company and not for an applicant, the contract was still being valid.The new owner didn solve that contract and straight up asked for the control of the domain, which often wasn his.The fault is on the dog owner and not op.He came off as a dick and got what he warranted.

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