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in the level of listening elvis, these songs are only beginner.
Very good like
All this arguing over which Elvis song is supposed to be #1 is pointless because all of Elvis's song are #1 in their own right no matter their Billboard spot when their popularity ran their course..
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#1 isn't even his song :( he surely made it his tho.
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Stupid list,no doubt greatest song ever recorded IF I CAN DREAM
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What a performance, goof and all.
Formidável...the King forever !!! Love ELVIS 💖💖


Where the hell is Burning Love? I guess I can't blame you, you would need to do a top 100 for elvis.
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A great list but if it is based on sales I would have thought that Its Now Or Never would have been on the actual list if not at number 1 as it is supposed to have been his biggest selling single with 20 million or so sales.Same could be said for Hound Dog.These list are fun but they always throw up more questions than answers..

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long live the king..

viva el Rey!!!!

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Know I want to hear Elvis sing MacArthur Park for real

My favourite Elvis Presley songs are Suspicious Minds, Blue Suede Shoes and Hound Dog.

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best is Can't help falling in love

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what's with the Dislikes???? Who could dislike him and whyyyy???


Quite simply the greatest entertainer of all time.
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The best voice in the history of mankind!
He had a great sense of humor. I really enjoy watch this.
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Elvis only has to move his little finger us woman would go wild he had the whole package I love this video could watch this all day long watching this it’s hard to believe he’s gone I was 4 years old when he left this world wish I’d have got to see him died way to young RIP beautiful elvis gone but never forgotten sweet dreams beautiful Xxxx.

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Trying to pick only 10 & say they were his best is impossible even the B sides on his 45's were great songs
Suspicious minds should have been in the top 5 and so should have Burning Love, they are such immortal songs

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Blue Moon Can't Help Falling in Love Huge 3-way tie for #3
Hunk love
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The one and only 😍😘he was and is the best singer and sexiest man 👍💋👍💋👍💋