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Is the today and notification tab on the right also compatible with dark mode?
Holy hell, Garrett looks amazing 😁
that's the basest movie ever caz they're giving them argument to kill thus innocent people ,like they really do care about them
please let me know if they added an easy option for me to add a passcode to a document or file too!!

Hope the ghouls don't get him. XD

The guy of Drive, the father of the kid.
so white hancock shot reality show style ...still Eddie griffin and Steven Dorff make this worth a look
Such a wasted potential! Not on the guy, on the movie!
For those who saw this, I'm not sure I've ever seen a movie where both sides feel this was a propaganda movie for the other side. I know one thing, this movie shows why politics and war don't mix. You're either in all the way and live with collateral damage or you're out and live with the consequences of inaction. I thought that lesson was learned in Vietnam. Once you decide to fight, you do it without hesitation. There are no perfect wars where innocents are unharmed..

That's the shortest full feature movie I've ever seen! Only 2½ minutes!
This was probably one of the best ones I've seen..probably my new favorite too
Gonna watch this movie, heard it was really good.


That what happen to Oliver Queen in the flashbacks of Arrow season 5

Stephen Dorff is Johnny Knoxville as Vin Diesel in Unwatchable

WOW just saw the whole movie lol...terrible trailer

One, two, three, four, ok, I can't count how many dumb people compare the movie with Hancock and Chronicle

Finally a great update full of great useful features especially for photos

i love garrett hedlund:-) :-) :-) :-)

LOL at the Dr. Strangelove comparison. Strangelove was a black comedy parodying the cold war, right down to the caricatures of the people behind the decision making in the government. This movie looks like a serious take on the subject. I would love this movie if at the last minute they made it ridiculous, like Aaron Paul trips over a desk and hits the trigger while making a heartfelt point against pulling the trigger. Whoever made that comparison must be so dense that while watching Dr Strangelove, that they took it as a serious drama. LOL!.

So many doubters (bad trailers fault). Perfect score on Rotten Tomatoes so far. 10 Pos, 0 Neg ,7.4 AVG.
How many people would I need to save before I would sacrifice the life of my own child? That is the question these people should have been asking..
على اساس يعملو حالهم عندهم انسانية و امريكا هي سبب الخراب والطائفية في العراق والشرق الاوسط
I want to call bullshit so bad but its a really interesting movie concept. +Aaron Paul needs a win.




What is a good action trailer without someone screaming WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR
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