Lords Of Chaos K2S Full Hd Dfiles


Lords Of Chaos K2S Full Hd Dfiles




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You are an idiot Rory was never a junkie. But you will never know how accurate this movie could be cause they can't use any of your music. I would love to see a real movie about the black metal scene so you should make one. But I don't know how much they will make because it is an extremely low budget movie with little to no advertising you have given it more hype by talking about it. So now people that weren't going to go see it because they didn't know might go see it to see how much they screw up. Sometimes it's better to say nothing at all.

Varg how much allowance does your dad give you these days


What does Thulean Perspective have to say about this... Let’s find out!

bro, just wanted to say I'm loving the slight difference in your latest videos with a bit more direct and free speaking content, along with the more frequent uploads....just awesome dude, makes my day when there's a video from you.


+ThuleanPerspective I'd love to see you do a video on the techno scene and whether you think the rave like techno artists suggest is a Pagan ritual..
Бля, сделайте ктонить русские комментарии


U Scandinavian people are way too strong .
Please keep in mind everybody, not all black metal musicians in Greece associate themselves with the fascist Golden Dawn, I hope this documentary makes that clear. Most of the metal community, like myself, completely condemns NSBM and its messages of hate..
I’ll give them this, Euronymous looks accurate enough though I didn’t expect a comedic film. Considering the overall story is not very humorous in the slightest..



It is hilarious how some claiming themselves being True Satanists, and Propaganda National Socialism. I support acts like Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult who deny every connection to NS, and being 100% supportive in their own beliefs, Satanism in this case. Even Onielar stated '' Satanism has nothing to do with NS'' nor silly politics. There are more indivuals where it comes from..

which is the final song?

This is a movie about Vargs Vickerson?