14:00 ? diagnosis and treatment on Wednesday, September 14 Saturday, September 10 closing the office afternoon of closing the office, Monday, September 12: 14:00 ? diagnosis and treatment on Osaka master's course Thursday, September 15:, closing the office (1day seminar) on Sunday, September 25 Saturday, September 24 Osaka master's course Saturday, September 17 closing the office afternoon of closing the office, Thursday, September 22 closing the office Closing the office at afternoon, Wednesday, September 28

Sunday and holiday are the nonconsultation days.

【 guide on day of diagnosis and treatment to director and others academy 】
15:00 ? god odontology department at Adachi odontology department morning, Saturday, September 3 at afternoon, Thursday, September 115:00 ? god odontology department at Adachi odontology department morning, Saturday, September 17 at Masaru odontology department afternoon, Monday, September 12 on Adachi odontology department Saturday, September 10 13:30 ? afternoon14:00 ? Masaru odontology department at god odontology department afternoon of it is and dental caries department mornings of Adachi odontology department afternoon, Thursday, September 22, Saturday, September 24, Wednesday, September 28 in afternoon


The seminar of the correction of one day seminar was held in the Shin-Osaka Marunouchi Building annex yesterday.
It had been rising gradually whenever ..time.. having mysteriously come in succession.
It is a desire to admire for teachers who can come from the distance really.
Still,the DR who participate even if time with the family is spared by using a valuable rest think that posture shall not be different.
It is not special though the orthodontic treatment seems like something the special one at all.
However, up to now not only system only, and everyone comes to be able to do knowledge by neatly stepping on the step.
In such a meaning, my clinical width extends, and it has been convinced to take the orthodontic treatment to my skill that that can undertake the favor in positive shape in addition for a lot of patients. The person who wants to study on this occasion by all means is a very welcome though this seminar still exists about three another times. Please feel free to give to me of the contact.


It is the third person in this that the patient whom I became dentist and I had seen as a physician in charge died.

Indebting really officially and privately, and having died are really regrettable respectively.

I was only a patient to whom I was going to grow up really as a dentist respectively.

It surely remains indefinitely in a long dentist life as a memory in my mind.

The director with the gratitude simultaneously really who prays for [****].