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i thought the unbreakable 2 will never see day light, awesome :)


2:32 - 2:49 I have A Feeling This will become a meme


i wouldn't mind if this was called something else because this has nothing to do with fast cars anymore.

А мы уже смотрели пиратскую версию. Спасибо, чуваки \m/

I'm just a normal person; I see Andy, I click

This looks better than her source material, change my mind

oh you finns....

oh hello there andy

When u had almost conviced your parents the music iu listen to sn't ''satanic' and the bands don't worship devil ... this movie comes out. haha I loved the movie btw, surprisingly good..

INTOUCHABLES DOESNT DESERVE A REMAKE. But I know people don't want to watch movies if they are not in english...


This was filmed at my school for the school part

Jajaja when you're out un Rockstar but now have your own movie

30:24 Squirrels would eat it anyway. Literally my mom with everything

The teacher scene had me in stitches LMFAO

Y’all runnin out now 🤷🏽‍♂️
oh wow now porn stars are in movies 12:30 (sharon 1.2.3)if you know what i mean
Yes!!!! 🤘
We gat a BMW situation