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If I had a child like that I would have put a bullet through his head.

I’ll never watch this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jim parsons!! ❤❤❤❤

Inside look of Buzzfeed Headquarter

Oh god, where are you mr. Stalin, we need you now for this job!

What the...

i have a 6 yr old boy who very early on chose to like the color pink. he is obsessed with it, however i dont believe he is gay. i believe he likes pink for some reason and i support it. children are simple and adults overthink behavior sometimes..

I’ve spent the past 3 weeks watching the Big Bang theory from series 1 to 10. This man is nothing but sheldon to me now

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I think this is the film we need for this era


Feminaziism: The movie.

Literally child abuse

No trolls yet. Shocking. Looks like a weird satire.
Another PC/SJW movie...sigh