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Jetzt schon ein Klassiker, genial!

they get caught and beheaded in 1943

Hammer Staffeln! Die Episoden sind so fesselnd,dass die Zeit so schnell vergeht,beim zuschauen..

Besser geht´s nicht!

Written and performed by Lithuanian superstar Severija!


This looks amazing! ....Just minus Logan Paul and it's perfect!

Did anybody else notice Dez from Austin and Ally?

und wirfst uns zwischen Glück und Qual

Schade , das die goldenen Zwanziger so bitter enden mussten .


Omg this reminds me of my favorite book The Testing 😃😃😃


another Zionist propaganda movie I bet that 99% of the Germans back in those days where pro Hitler and the others no cause they didn't eat the all cake no more


October of 2018??!
Hab mir das schon hundert mal gegeben das Ding!


Film was a 0/10 from me, Logan didn't dab on the government.
now this is a movie,,,, no SPANDEX PANSIES
Brilliant Music & Brilliant acting
aaron Sorkin commercial is disgusting.
Funny That emma Thompson would do a anti Hitler movie since she seems to be such a anti semite