Ces derniers mois

Hello hello ♥♥
Since my last post not that much happens but I wanted to update it here~

After the otakuthon, I lost my dark tan quickly and I had no money for tanning salon so I tried more "classic" ギャル style
$magicaL life-gothic
I should do it more often! ♥

Some time after we had a "goodbye" meeting with YUKI★ɦareɘm, because our leader, Many, was going to japan for 6 month, also Evy got back from England! It was a weird mix of emotion haha
$magicaL life-départ de many
Me, Evy, Rosie and Many
Ronny couldn't be there because he was sick
(I look tan on the picture because I used foundation on my leg and arm XD)

Then I got a job, so I finally had money haha XD After being poor for so long it was refreshing
It's only a night time job at a convenient store but I'm happy with it~ I can't really get better job with my percing and my weird hair color anyway

From then my life got really busy! I started at the same time to have guitar lesson and japanese lesson, along with going to tanning salon and working on project such as my wool wig :
$magicaL life-peuruque

Halloween arrived too! It's my very favorite holiday, so I put a lot of effort~
This year for the Halloween day I got to my friend's house party in a pumpkin costume. Since I was really busy I could sew a costume, but I think it looked great with the make up ♥
$magicaL life-pumpkin 1
$magicaL life-pumpkin 2
Second picture is with Mythomania ♥

Some day after was my own halloween party at my house, it was really fun! I don't have a lot of picture beside individual one, so I'll just post a picture of mycostume that day :
$magicaL life-moué
You can see that my tan was already coming back a little haha
We played a lot of old video game ♥ it was really fun!
$magicaL life-nintendo

Oh! Also I never talked about Arthur!
Arthur is like... a member of the familly? It's a skeleton who is always in our house ♥ When I moved, Arthur was lost but we found him again in our stuff!
$magicaL life-arthur
Arthur loves cosplay and dressing up haha here's some picture of him ♥
$magicaL life-Arthur 1
Pietoro style!
$magicaL life-Arthur 2
Clown style!
$magicaL life-Arthur 3
Gyaru style!

I love Arthur ♥

After halloween, I've got to Toronto for the BLOOD concert! For the occasion I finised my wool wig ♥
$magicaL life-blood 1
The show was really awesome, I love visual kei since really long time, and was the first time to see a visual kei in live. I was really impressed and I want to see them again!
I was a big fan of Dokodemodora back in Kenllre (キナルラ) and 日々全てを飲み込むフカモカ, so I was really happy to meet him!
After the show we took a picture with the member!
$magicaL life-blood 2
With Blood and my friend Trucydae ♥

I had a good time ♥
After Toronto I've go to Montreal to take video with ROYAL☆PARA! I was really happy to be part of the video please check them out!

Steal Star~キ☆ラ☆リ~ / STEAL GALS feat. きょん

ありがとうごじゃいます (秋葉工房 DJ Command Remix) / DOZ

I do パラパラ since only one year, I continue to pratice to get better ♥

Snow started to fall last week! Winter is my favorite season
$magicaL life-hiver

That's all for today, sorry for long post!