Nouveaux cheveux ♥

Hello hello~ 音譜
A week ago I changed my hair color to blondeビックリマーク 星

I was a little afraid because I lost my hair 2 year ago because I used too much bleach , and changed them too often ショック! But now it's ok あせる
I love blonde hair, I think it suit better kotekote style than brown ラブラブ
magicaL life-kotekotefanh
Inspired by Madeth Gray'll, Missalina Rei and La'muleラブラブ

I also made a new costume recentlyビックリマーク It was for a fashion event in Montréal キラキラ
magicaL life-étoilelune
Is it cute? =D ドキドキお月様星ドキドキ
A lot of people think I make cosplay because of my weird design style, but it's not a cosplayビックリマーク しょぼん It's an original designあせる

And finally I bought a Byul I wanted for so longビックリマーク
magicaL life-michirubyul
I love Byul, don't you think they look like 未散 a little? 恋の矢にひひ

Hope everyone had a good day!!