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The thin ice of our Republic is gettin' bad thin.

I have to watch this movie!


I never know the scope of the political situation over here until Netflix decides to make something about it


take a shot whenever he says hong kong

Until recent changes were made, poverty levels were calculated by a food budget.  During the 1950-60’s it was estimated that 1/3 of a family budget was spent on food.  So poverty rates were based on taking annual income and dividing by 3.  This calculation is no longer used but the idea lingers.  Government assistance was not included in the previous calculation, such as food vouchers, health care and subsidized housing.   In 1995 the National Academy of Science began a public message that the measure of poverty needed to change and reflect government assistance. Sixteen years later the effort to change how poverty is measured has expanded to include government help but there are still many lingering questions about the calculation and labels. The Supplemental Poverty Measure (SPM) has added 20% to the calculation of food, shelter, clothing and utilities as well as some adjustment for different regional variations. Today we classify a family of 4 with an income of $24,000 annually as living in poverty.  In 2006, 12.3% of Americans lived in poverty, this rate has risen to 15.7% in 2009 and began to decline slightly to 15.1% in 2010 and fallen to 15% in 2011 ( http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/13poverty.cfm ). This means that approximately 46 million Americans live in poverty and the median income rates have fallen 1.7% to $62,273 according to Department of Labor statistics. If we think about the 8 million people who live in NYC, this means that number of people who live in poverty in the US make up the equivalent of 6 New York City residents. A lot of people!  At the same time, top earning families have increased their median household earnings 4.9%.See http://www.businessweek.com/articles/2012-09-12/record-u-dot-s-dot-poverty-rate-holds-as-inequality-grows   To calculate poverty rates one needs to think about what we need to live comfortably.  Food, shelter, clothing, utilities are essential but transportation, education for children, health care, work expenses and child care are essential. Also needed are consideration of taxes (sales taxes affect poor more than others), and safety..

Most people in Hong Kong don't like him. Disgrace of HKers..

So your against technological progress on the chance that it destroys jobs? WOW Google creative destruction, it will do you a world of good..

This is great ... finally there are a lot of popular and thoughtful documentaries about politics that break past what is shown here at 1:05 ... if you criticize anything about America, even backed up with indisputable facts you are denounced - LOUDLY - as some kind of communist. Americans, we have to be able to do better than this. Look at the numbers, listen to the logic, feel it in your hearts, our country is in trouble..

As a child of the '50s, I remember how our media told us how the 'Commies' were so deluded by their government propaganda. Now, decades later. we're the ones being deluded by our government's propaganda. You think Barry O is going to save the middle class? Not bloody likely. What this country needs, aside from a good .05 cigar, is an old-fashioned revolution. The Founding Fathers, who are trumpeted all the time, thought a revolution was a regular necessity. Let's give it a go!.


I'm going tonight.

Love it. 
When and Where can I see this documentary ... I am in the South Bay Area in CA, and have been looking for it since I heard of it. Please get this out in general release, DVD, or even online in NetFlix or Amazon Prime! Thank you..
I'm not exactly sure what this documentary will enlighten people about that isn't already well known. Seems like more preaching to the choir to me. Most are already aware things are broken and what the problems are. What we need are answers. Would love to see a documentary about that..