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I'm Aya. Handle name is 

I have two children...5-year-old is son,1-year-old is daughter.
I am stay at home mom.
Every day, I make family meal for them.
In this blog , I introduce daily food and recipes, especially for the children.

Do you know [Okosama Lunch]?

Okosama Lunch is food menu for children. 
If you visit Japanese restaurant , you can find it.

Okosama Lunch also get child favorite food of sequence give a way toys,so Japanese children love Okosama Lunch.

I am making in the diet of Okosama Lunch night for children in the home.
I cook for use Japanese special seasonal food and nutritive value, so they also enjoy it to see and to eat.
I think that it is balance of the nourishment to be the most important.

I make to think the balance of nutrients,every day!!
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This is another introduction.
HMH is production to grow Cooking expert.

There are me and another person Cooking expert 

Her name is Chika. It has been called from everyone chan-chii
She is 32 years old, who has a 2-year-old son.


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She's good at cooking that made from Tofu

Tofu is a traditional food of Japan , is a high nutritional value.

Her motto is "Cooking maks people Happy"
As smile is full of table

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