long time i havent post here... ^^

so related to my last post which is october 13, 2010 if will i be happy...

well im happy during my birthday.. since it;s my 18th birthday i got a bit excited...
i still remember that all my classmates greeted and its like im saying "thanks you ^_^" the whole exam day..
it's fun having birthday at school but im kind of shy about it..
after exam i treat my friends *Bebes and Bhe's* for lunck we eat at mcdonalds..
instead of celebrating twice because of bebes and bhes i decided to make it as one to join both groups.. they got along well and have fun talking to each other...

so about him,.. he dont greet me on my exact birthday because he said he dont have internet and his friends do greet me...

here's one of his friends message...
first message with the subject of justin
he asked me what's wrong.. then of course i do reply that..
then 2nd message he send..
btw (subject)
and i did not forget your bithday but....well i got my grade down on what happening and my okasa make took my...computer away Gomen..^_^ i know you wont forgive me but what else can i do

duuh.. as if i wont forgive him.. he's too cute to not be forgiven..

then 2 days after my birthday he online and talk to me..

continue again tomorow... im sleepy!

will i be happy tomorrow??

well tomorrow is my day..クラッカー

but while thinking of it..

i guess i wont be happy..ガーン

why?.. i can’t really tell..

i really do want to talk to him tomorrow..

but there’s no way right? むっ

i made a promise to myself..

if i’m not able to talk to him tomorrow…


I would forget about him and let him and his ” hime ” be at peace..


all i can say is that i’ll leave him..

yeah it’s true that i delete him

but what can i do?


but… i felt so “invisible” T__T

well… tomorrow… we’ll see what would happen..


~To You~

all i know is that i like you and i love you.. the gift that i promise you.. its still on..^^ i wont forget that.. thank you for the time you spend talking to me.. i wont forget everything you’ve said.. ^^ bye my angel~~

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zutto, zutto, zutto aishiteru..