Teriyaki Boyz


Here is my verseLook at honey over there, wow she can work thattell my boys, oh my I have to torque thatwork that よりちからしごともっとはやくshake it and let's godress fresh and I'm ready for actionwithout the traction, ready for satisfactiondazing out, my boys like なにあったんよHoney got me my head bobbin like max from pepsico名前は何 and she said ayumiI told her the way she work it got me going crazyあつのおんなcame closer and continued to blaze mecravin me, だからかのじょいっしょにlet's bounceon this dance floor, its not the size, but how she work it is what countsもうあさのよじはんだhoney why don't you come cruise with me in my hondahow could she say noas she slipped me her メールとかでんわばんごうI said どうもありがとう。