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If we are going to talk about luxury brand watches, give it a couple of minutes and Rolex is sure to come up. That is exactly how well-known the brand is. It is always associated with the best watches ever manufactured in history. Having said that, you may be thinking, "So what will this article be about? You just stated the extremely reason why people are buying Rolex watches." Indeed, being the brand behind the most innovative and beautiful timepieces around the globe is enough for people, whether watch aficionados or not, to pull out their credit cards and acquire Rolex watches. Well, let's put it this way. In case you need to know how Rolex got to where it is now, then read on.


Rolex is actually short for "horological excellence" which says a lot about the brand and man who thought of it all. Thinking of Hans Wilsdorf as a visionary is not an exaggeration. It is perfectly justifiable actually, considering his foresight of creating a watch worn on the wrist. Wristwatches may be popular these days but during Wilsdorf time, watches were mostly restricted for the likes of pocket watches. This did not stop Wilsdorf though. In reality, it made him more decided. Soon afterward, he was able to come up with the first wristwatch which was almost as precise, if not more, as the well-received pocket watches. One thing led to another and Rolex the brand came into existence in 1908.

It is but normal for companies to have its ups and downs. Rolex, on the other hand, seemed to have success coming there way from each end. Rolex was the first to be recognized by Bienne's Official Watch Rating Center through a Swiss Certificate of Precision award given to one of its wristwatches in 1910, only two years after the brand's inception. Four years right after that, Rolex got another recognitiona class "A" precision certificate which was exclusive to marine watches, exclusive until the Rolex wristwatch that is. This is when the brand Rolex become synonymous to precision and exactness.

Besides precision, Rolex became identified for its avant-garde watch technology. In 1931, Rolex unveiled the self-winding movement with a perpetual rotor which marked the beginning from the modern automatic watch. Years right after, up to this day, Rolex continued its tradition of breaking barriers and coming up with firsts. Rolex watches are not limited to timekeeping. They are now treated as status symbols and indications of professionalism and excellence.

Getting Rolex watch these days may be seen by majority as something impractical. Given the value tag of one Rolex wristwatch, it is understandable why there are people who take it that way. However, you'll find watches that can be a bit too extravagant for your taste and you can find watches that are worth their price and Rolex watches are definitely worth every single cent. Once you have Rolex within your wrist, you might be not wearing just any watch. You are wearing an important part from the watch industry's history.

You will be surprised at the number of people still purchasing Rolex watches even though the globe is suffering from trying times. Just surf the Internet and you will see several buyers expressing their interest in Rolex watches. You can find companies even who provide top dollar for anybody who is interested in selling their Rolex. All in all, a Rolex watch is a sound investment. You get to wear an excellent timepiece and when the time comes that you might be seeking to purchase another Rolex, it is possible to sell your old one for a good value. Buying Rolex watch is a classic example of a win-win situation.