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The content of your eBook is bar-none essentially the most significant part, but the cover is your potential customer's first impression on the work. The cover is actually one on the most essential factors a potential customer takes into consideration when considering purchasing your eBook. The cover can make or break the sale, truth is, people do judge a book by it's cover. Search "cover design" on Fiverr and one can find a lot of talented people ready to create your eCover for less expensive. You could also go to your local school of design and allow a student to create your cover for their portfolio, aka at no cost to you.

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When working with a cover designer, give them an outline of what you want out of your cover, and give them some details on your topic / genre. If they come back again with a cover you don't like, don't be the self-published author with low sales because they were too afraid to speak up to their eCover designer.
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Request a revision, but don't request a million revisions trying to obtain it to appear exactly like a picture you have in your mind, after all, you hired the designer for their design skills, give them some freedom and they will help you create an effective cover. Ensure your cover designer is aware that they are simply creating an eBook cover for the Amazon Kindle platform, meaning the title will need to have to remain readable even at small sizes. It will also want to start looking good in black and white. Have them use bold text for the title and solid colours to sustain things consistent.

The best destination for getting a cover done for a good price is Fiverr. For a a great deal more expensive, but possibly higher quality route, make a post on Guru outlining exactly what you are looking for in an eCover, and see what kind of proposals you get. Always check the users reviews on whichever website you will be usage. There are also many forums online where you are able to get good deals on eCover design. In case you see an eBook cover you like on the Kindle store, try to obtain the contact facts of your author, and ask them which cover designer they used. Many authors want to avoid this, and make an unprofessional cover at home, because they consider cover creation to be an expense. This is far from the truth, rather, hiring a cover designer is an investment into your eBooks future. The cover doesn't demand to consider my breath away, it just needs to appear professional, start looking good in black and white, and have a readable title even at small sizes. You could have the best content out there, but no one will know it if they never get over the hurdle of your eCover. Invest in a professional eBook cover, and watch your Kindle sales soar.