Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co.,Ltd.

Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co.,Ltd.


Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co.,Ltd. as JFR designed and manufactured the first Japanese commercial total lamp recycling plant since 2002. To date they start selling their lamp recycling plant in the world, to those who see and understand numerous merits of crushing lamps prior to recycling. When we hit the global warming controversy regarding to nature, causes, and consequences of global warming, JFR saw the true need to have to recycle all types of lamps and bulbs and set about designing their own lamp & bulb recycling plant. We make it commercially available to those who wanted to move into the field on lamp & bulb recycling not only Japan but worldwide.

We have participated in IGEM 2012 held in Malaysia on 10th~13th October 2012.

We had visitors from each country such as in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, India, etc.

Thank you for visiting our booth.

We have been able to exchange meaningful information with many people, so it was been a great opportunity for us.

Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co.,Ltd.

Japan Fluorescent Lamp Recycling Co.,Ltd.

We think fluorescent lamp recycling business is an essential for protection of the environment.

[About our machine ]

The SSS fluorescent lamp recycling plant” treats various types of lamps such as tubes, rings, compact lamps, and mercury lamps through the processes of crushing, sorting, separation of the powder and removal of mercury.

☆It sorts them into glass cullet, metals such as aluminum and rare metals, fluorescent powder (containing rare earth materials), and others, and recycles them as resources.

☆Most experienced technology in Japan !

For more information, visit http://www.eco-jr.co.jp/recycle/english/index.html .

You Tube : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DX2NpI4Qnls&feature=relmfu

If you are interested in our machine, please contact us.


Safety Support Services Co., Ltd

Maruzen Otsuka Bldg 5F, 3-34-7 Minami-otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005, Japan

E-mail : ecojrc.hoshino@gmail.com

Person in Charge : Mashio Tahara , Meri Kinjo

"safety support service" which is a group company of our company is going to exhibit at IGEM 2012 in Malaysia.

Please look at the following details about a term, the event outline, etc.

IGEM 2012(Official name,The 3rdInternational Greentech&Eco Products Exhibition&Conference Malaysia)

Term: Wed.,10-13 October 2012
・10-11 October・・・Trade visitors Only
・12-13・・・Trade&Public Visitors

Opening time: 10:30~18:00 (only the final day 17:00)

Venue :Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Kuala Lumpur City Center
50088Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia

The hall URL:

★Exhibition information of our company★

IGEM 2012

Japan pavilion

Exhibition hole :Hall1

Exhibition booth :boothNo.B100

Exhibition company name:safety support service Co.,Ltd

Exhibition thing: Fluorescent Lamp recycling plant

Letter of invitation: Please download from the following and use.
We are waiting for attendance.


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Public notary corporation Hoshino east capital judicial-affairs management joint office  
the Immigration Bureau of industrial wastes, construction, various approval applications besides customs, preparation of various contracts, a will and inheritance, traffic accident consultation, and a foreigner -- broad business, such as - naturalization, is carried out.
consultation -- I am waiting.

Japan environmental rail traffic incorporated company
The new waste transit system of the "modal shift system" which cooperated by a railroad and marine (ship) one, and track, industrial waste consulting service.

Hoshino Environmental Research Institute
Consulting service of research and development of a biomass fuel carbonization manufacturing plant (a Hoshino style), manufacture, sale, and a biomass utilization promotion enterprise.