お茶の収穫作業 Tea Leaf harvesting

In the past, tea leaf picking was done by hand. It is hard work that requires a lot of manpower.

Nowadays, tea leaf picking is mostly done by machines.
Like a car, a person rides and drives the machine to harvest the tea leaf.
This has made it possible to harvest tea leafin a shorter time and with fewer people.





However, in places where the slope of the tea field is too steep for a machine to enter, we use a tea leaf cutter operated by two people. This is difficult if you are not used to it. 





What is black tea, koucha? 

Black tea  Koucha (fermented tea)

Black tea is made by completely fermenting tea leaves.

Black tea is the most popular type of tea in the world, and is produced in various regions of the world.

The first step is to remove the water and ferment the tea leaves through a process called "wilting," and then rub the leaves to make them more fermented. After that, the tea leaves are unraveled to harden, fermented further, and dried to complete the black tea.

When brewed, the tea turns a darker brown than any other tea because the fermentation process is complete and the tea leaves are oxidized. Also, you may have the image that black tea = Europe, but the tea originally originated in China.

When Europe underwent the industrial revolution, many workers were needed, but at that time, they drank hot water because drinking raw water made them sick to their stomachs.

However, tasteless hot water tasted bad, so black tea with a good taste and nice aroma was imported from China, and black tea spread to Europe.

*At Tatawara Natural Farm, we call our black tea "Wakoucha". 
The word "Wa" means Japan, and ”koucha” means black tea.

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What is Houji-cha (Roasted Tea)?

Houji tea, Roasted tea (non-fermented tea)

You may think that roasted tea is a kind of oolong tea or black tea because of its brown appearance and its aroma.

However, roasted tea is actually a type of green tea that is not fermented at all. How hojicha is made is by roasting the tea leaves.

The reason why hojicha has a unique aroma and taste is because it is roasted using fire, and that is why it is brown in color even though it is not fermented. The bitterness and astringency are also quite suppressed, giving it a gentle taste, and it is also gentle on the stomach, making it suitable for drinking tea during meals.

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What is green tea? 

Green tea (non-fermented tea)

 Green tea is a non-fermented tea in which the tea leaves are not fermented at all, and is the most popular tea consumed by the Japanese. Green tea is the most popular tea among Japanese people. After the tea leaves are picked, they are steamed while still fresh, and the process of rubbing is repeated, and finally dried.

 The reason why tea leaves are steamed is because if left unattended, they will begin to ferment, and steaming them with steam prevents this from happening. Also, although you may have the image that China means oolong tea, in fact, green tea is the most popular drink in China.

 In recent years, Japanese green tea has become popular overseas as well, and many people in Europe drink it for health purposes. In Europe, it is common to add sugar to make a sweet green tea, just like black tea.

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