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It started reasonable and then got crazier and crazier until it became the best thing. It's the best.
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You guys ever wondered how two fireworks produce as much smoke as a space ship?
Red: ready, aim... Pig: I'll take that. Chuck: HEY!
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Idk if this is social commentary, horror or a comedy???
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Good job ( :
i have that game.☺
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Wow...still my fav app for 4 years. This trailer brings back so many memories. :')
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I prefer old pigs
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APORKOLYPSE NOW would be a better title. Thank me later
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This is amazing thank you for making this video 20 % coolness
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I’M SO EXCITED!!!! 🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪🤪

Reminds me of this documentary:  Battle For Mosul


That funny crash 🤕
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Cool idea but at the end it got pretty silly. Also that narration was awfully cheesy.
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Piggy tales into the piggy island (dora into the city)
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Why no angry birds Tales

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so cool eli

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This is clearly an amazing film. A piece of art, indeed.

Knew it had to do with streets

The game 🎮 bad piggies

Bad piggies cinematic trailer is like a climb to a new horizon.

what happened to the film he spoke about at the start

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The Eremites Watch Free Without Membership

Tamer Hassan Top man and a gentleman, as down to earth as soil and that is why i respect him even more.

il film mi intriga ma vorrei sapere il nome della canzone (soundtrack) del trailer

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Is this going to be available in the US? If so when will it be ?

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Full movie links please
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what is the name of the final song?

Makes me feel so old