Something other than who we think we are lives us.
Something else is living us.
Learning to attune to that is one of the ways for us human beings to align our purposes on the planet.





As a person, I lived my life with self-will. This paradigm was convincing as I was moderately successful in which you don’t see anything need to be changed. Then something else took over. I was introduced to a principle that was so magnificent, so vast and so true that my will just melted in the presence of it. And I became something of what it was that was how it had introduced itself. It loved me so much that I had no option but to surrender to it. I dissolved in it. 




The less I lived my will, her or its will was living my life and it was such an improvement that it was easy to relinquish the life I was living for that life. There was a sense of current found me and was taking me somewhere and the questionings I had were “Why?” and “What are the principles?” 



That’s what my teachings are all about - The Bhagavad Gita, Mother book, all reflections of recognition of that direct immediate experience that did not stop. Sometimes it left me bereft. The Grace gives her love, freedom, aliveness, immediacy and withdraws and see if she can hook you into the path even deeper. Why? Because she wants to be you. She can’t manifest without you. She has no existence of her own except through each of us.


そして、それが現在の私の教えになった。『バガヴァッド・ギータ』や『マザー』に書かれていたのは、私自身が最初に直接体験し続けている【何か】であり、神の恩恵であるグレースだった。グレースは私を見捨てる時もあった。グレースは、愛や自由や今ここにある生命の充実感や喜びなどを与えたあと、それらを失わせて、自らに更に深く我々を引き込もうとする。なぜそんなことをするのかって? それは、神が我々人間になりたいからさ。我々無しに神は実現出来ない。人間がいなければ、神は己自身の姿を明らかにすることが出来ない。人間を使うことによってのみ、神はこの次元に存在出来る。


This process is happening in this time because mankind and the opportunity of this collaboration between divine and human are at peril. That’s why this force is coming in, making itself, introducing itself even to those that would not be normally capable, worthy or ready for it. Because when you are on the battlefield, all you need is bodies. So she is simply awakening bodies. Now there’s collateral damage when you put an inexperienced 17-year-old on the battlefield. A lot of them will die but in the process of unfolding the new consciousness, expanding of a possibility, preserving this opportunity for humanity and for the divine is enhanced and strengthened so even if we failed, we played our part.



Excerpt from Washoe Valley Intensive (7/27/2019)

ワショー・ヴァレー・インテンシブ (7/27/2019) より一部抜粋


写真提供 Photo credit: camilo jimenez



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