I don't have enough time to study English.
  So, to utilize dead time for studying English is important.
  As I wrote on this blog, I listen to the Podcast audio program of NHK World News (English ver.) while I am walking outdoors.
  I walk for one or two hours every day.  I think I must use this time effectively. So I listen to the Podcast English program.
  Some people are walking and watching their smartphones.  And some people are walking and reading English websites, it may be an English study, but walking and watching a smartphone is very dangerous.  It may collide with other people.
  NHK World News gives a broad coverage of the news.  I can get many words and expressions by listening to the program.
  I started to listen to NHK World News Podcast several years ago.  When I tried to pass the Eiken pre-1st grade test.  Since then, I had listened to the program for a long time.

  Thanks to the program, I passed the Eiken pre-1st grade and 1st grade test.

  Last year, after I passed the Eiken 1st grade test, I stopped listening to the program.  Because I found NHK World News Podcast was too easy for me.
  But several months later, when I listened to the program again, I couldn't understand some of the news of the program.
  At that time, I realized NHK World News Podcast was not easy. The reason I could understand all of the news was that I listened to the program for a long time, and this improved my English listening skills.
  Since then, I started to listen to the program again.

  The length of the program is 13min. And the program is updated twice a day (except Saturday and Sunday. On Saturday and Sunday, length is 8min, updated four times a day).
  As I wrote above, I listen for 1 or 2 hours every day.
  So, I finish listening to the program almost every day.
  After I finish listening to the program, I listen to other Podcast program.
  I listened to BBC (U.K) Podcast.  But the program was difficult to understand.  The English level of the BBC was not so difficult compared with that of NHK.
  Some of the news of BBC was not familiar to me.

  And the voice of NHK was clearer than that of BBC.  I supposed that the BBC used the same voice for both TV and radio.

  That's why the voice of BBC is not clear.  I gave up listening BBC program.

  After that,  I started to listen to World News Tonight ABC (U.S.),.
  Though it may use the same voice for TV and radio, too.  But the voice of the program is clear, so I can understand most of the news.
  World News Tonight ABC is recommendable.


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