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Colds and virus

Cause of catching a cold is due to the virus, several hundred types of viruses have been identified as a pathogen. The main symptoms of colds, throat dryness and pain, swollen lymph nodes, headache, fatigue, sneezing, cough, nasal congestion, phlegm and so on. We are said to be catching a cold at the rate of 1-2 times a year. It does not interfere with breathing, in the cold of a degree that does not disturb the daily life, there are several ways to alleviate the symptoms.

Remedy at the time of a cold

When I caught a cold, hydration is required. Even though it was hit by a nose jams malaise, let's try to be taken one day at least two liters of water. Next, please refrain from food to promote the secretion of mucus. Increasing the concentration of the sputum, to the food to increase the amount will be exemplified as follows.

• Banana • Orange • peanuts and peanut butter • dairy products • mayonnaise • sugar and candy


 You need a sleep of 8 hours to overnight. 24 hours or more, yellow or green, or continue sputum brown, when the 38 degrees or more heat persists please consult a doctor.

Sputum, it is an important reaction of the body to discharge the pathogenic bacteria or irritants. If you do not discharge the sputum containing a large amount of sugar protein, bacteria is in the sputum in the body that is charged with warm moisture is likely to grow. Therefore issuing a sputum will be important. High concentration of sputum, if nasal congestion is terrible, when you ingest the N- acetylcysteine, stickiness of phlegm Yawaragi, makes it easier to discharge. Old-fashioned salt water gargle with added salt teaspoon 1/8 in hot water of 120cc is also effective. Is discharged by a 2-3 minutes gargle, let careful not to swallow gargle water.

Colds and lactic acid bacteria

Colds will heal in the normal about a week. So long as not seen improvement in symptoms lingering from this, it is recommended that you consult a physician. Antibiotic I often ineffective in cold, but when the patient undergoes a secondary infection, the physician may prescribe an antibiotic. At that time, it becomes essential intake of lactic acid bacteria. This is to replenish the intestinal bacteria of the good guys will protect so as not to absorb the harmful substances in the body.

Colds and stress

Stress is also not independent of the common cold. Stress increases the prevalence of the disease, promotes inflammation, fatigue, will have a variety adverse effects on the body, such as lowering the concentration. Therefore, those who desired want to consolidate the healthy foundation for a long and healthy life, you need to manage your stress.

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Colds and supplements

There are also natural herbs and supplements that show efficacy in improving symptoms of the common cold. However, urged the basic metabolic activity of the body, people who are sufficiently ingest nutrition necessary for the human body to function optimally yet few. Therefore, by incorporating high-quality multi-vitamins in everyday life, and is effective in the prevention of colds, prominent medical experts recommended.


"Wind" is developed to inhale the virus from the nose and throat, headache, fever, because accompanied by symptoms such as malaise, we need to take measures to enhance the immune function.

あいちん"Please be careful to everyone influenza"


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