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Oh, it's just peace of sh#t
Icaros: A Vision. 3.5K likes. A film shaped like a shamanic journey, steeped in a psychoactive brew, exploring fear and destiny in the jungle of the mind. Icaros: A Vision | A Film by Leonor Caraballo & Matteo Norzi, Icaros: A Vision (2016) - IMDb. A film shaped like a shamanic journey. Steeped in a psychoactive brew. Exploring fear and destiny in the jungle of the mind, Amazon: Watch Icaros: A Vision | Prime Video. Visually inventive and hypnotic in nature, Icaros: A Vision captivates with its meditative look at a little-seen world, punctuated by truly trippy depictions of ceremonial splendor. Cast: Ana, Icaros: A Vision (2017) - Rotten Tomatoes, Icaros: A Vision - Home | Facebook, Icaros: A Vision is a unique experience in film that takes you on a visionary voyage through the healing power of ayahuasca, and the magic, and wonder of the Amazon. With a powerful story, and an aesthetic that tickles the imagination, this masterful film opens the heart, stimulates the mind, and ignites the spirit..



For anyone who thinks drugs make champions, go train with one for just a week, I guarantee you, you will come back with a different opinion. It's easy to sit back and have an opinion when you have never really trained, it's cute you may do some fitness but it's not even close..

The Greenaway Alphabet.

Without all the drugs athletes would be more human. Their performance would be more human. In reality you cannot push your limits that far, and in weight lifting you will reach your limit very very quickly..


putin weak dude, need some drugs for victory.

Jasne jasne zawsze wina Rosji a Ameryka ta dobra czy ktoś jeszcze kupuje tą zjebaną propagandę ?

This documentary does not deserve a legendary name like Icarus...
Not the icarus agenda. Thats a different thing
Virus Tropical
This Deus Ex sequel looks pretty good
Ahaha, 99% of all supersportsmen in the world use dope. Why russians are so unique? Modern sport is more politics than sport. It is sad.
nobody cares about Olympics except when we watch them and even then it's just casual interest. the ones who should be upset about the doping is other Olympic athletes, they dedicate there lives to it for there prime years only to get cheated out of winning. all that time and sacrifice, poof, wasted. public doesn't care to much so good job by the cheaters to get the glory and fame at the time and who cares if you got caught now..

You gotta love the whataboutism fallacies in this comment section. And what do people not understand in state sponsored? Surely, there are athletes in the USA who use doping too, but there is no state sponsored doping program there. Anyway, I always found it pathetic when countries try to demonstrate their political, economical superiority by doing well in sports. It is childish and it reeks of insecurity, IMO. This was so important for former communist/socialist countries too, that they had all these state sponsored doping programs (see also the DDR). Sure that did demonstrate these countries superiority - and people were fleeing from the West to the East, not the other way around. Oh, wait....

All athletes use chemicals things, it is all depends on what calls doping and what is not.

This is russian way . Where's Russia, there're deception, war and death..
man i must be so evil because i am russian what a joke
If all this is true and all that that he was saying in a very dramatic way (very unnecessary, as its nothing new, every country does it in their own way), it’s weird to me that this guy is being treated like a victim. He was behind this story too, he created this system, he followed it, he continued to do it before it all appeared visible to everyone, so he in fact offended the international law and should be in prison, not playing a victim. Just my opinion. He committed this crime, as well as everyone else (Guys he was a DIRECTOR of this laboratory, he knew everything for a long time) but he did not complain about anything before they got caught, soooo... why the US government treats him like a victim? Why not have a fair court against him? I am not saying that we should send him back to Russia or whatever, but still. Just because he decided to start speaking before it was too late, doesn’t mean he is not guilty too..

Icaros: A Vision | About. ‘Icaros: A Vision’: A Shamanic Cinematic Journey Into the, Directed by Leonor Caraballo, Matteo Norzi. With Ana Cecilia Stieglitz, Filippo Timi, Arturo Izquierdo, Guillermo Arévalo. A film shaped like a shamanic journey, steeped in a psychoactive brew, exploring fear and destiny in the jungle of the mind. ‘Icaros: a vision’ is a story about fear and the release from fear – the fear of illness and of death, but also the fear of life and living. It’s about the possibility of living through one’s fear – which is what the Amazonian plant Ayahuasca is good at getting you to do. Icaros: A Vision Free Movie Watch Online - GoMovies.Ltd. You are watching the movie Icaros: A Vision. In search of a miracle, an American woman embarks on a journey to the Peruvian Amazon and finds hope in a community, through rituals involving an ancient psychedelic plant known as ayahuasca. Looking for a miracle, Angelina (Ana Cecilia Stieglitz) lands at a healing center in the Peruvian Amazon where shamans minister to a group of foreign psychonauts seeking transcendence. ICAROS A Vision Trailer. Icaros: A Vision (7) IMDb 6.7 90 min 2017 Subtitles and Closed Captions Thanks to a young ayahuasca shaman who is losing his eyesight, she learns instead to confront her 'susto': the disease of fear..

Whats the name of the song???

Seems cheap anti-russian propaganda! The whole world is doping their athletes.....


damn this trailer is great!!

just another propaganda flick made in a country that poisoning our seas and oceans that destroys the nature and inciting wars on nations around the globus! thank you USA! thank you very much!.

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darn i wish i had netflix now :/
So many Russian bots in the comments.
Connected tv xiaomi full Icaros: A vision


Интересно посмотреть, появились ли новые, более весомые доказательства, или это просто пережевывание не бесспорных старых.
AMAZING !!! TO NATUAL. TO PRECISE. TO CONSISTENT. TO KNOWLEDGEABLE. AND WAY TO COOL !!!!!!! TO NOT BE TRUE 🙂☺😂🤣. best Bond Movie Ever... Oh. I saw the whole thing 🤗 10 STARS... WTF it's only a 5 star scale. 10 STARS... good job dude.
Russians do not feel something like shame when they discover another cowardly planned 'victory'. Their need for group identification and imaginative greatness is stronger than any insignificant moral dilemmas. Basically it is the result of insecurity they fill each and every day in their big prison they call Motherland.

This looks G O O D


I got serious goosebumps from watching this.
1500 russians disliked this video.
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Putin will kill me. Chilling words.
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At the top level nobody is worth trusting -courtesy Inside Job and now Icarus
we all know drugs is just a small part of the problem with sports, the other part is money and health.

Killing people for the Olympics? wow

Ok its dark and all, but USA is doing the same underground
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1500 Russians doping athletes dislike the video while Americans Jamaicans and all the top athletic doping country's liked it
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All in getting from this is a desperate attempt to malign Russian atheletes Doping is prevelant everywhere but just targeting one nation is wrong


lol @ the people in the comments calling this propaganda.. Everyone is doping. Everyone. That includes USA, Russia, China, Africa, literally everyone, this is widely known. But this documentary is about Russia, and what they did in the 2014 Olympics. The author of this movie didn't expect to uncover something so huge, but he did and so he dedicated the movie and everything he had to this documentary over what it was initially supposed to be about. Russia and China aren't the only countries that did this, obviously..