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The one thing that's so hard to attain minimalism is when you have a hoarder-mother (or anyone who's living with you).


This is what you call Being in poverty but pretending its cool by calling it minimalist honest with your in a tiny trailer that is the size of my bedroom (140 square ft) is your idea of a dream home??? Might as well live in a cardboard house.....i am not saying a tiny apartment in a large city is any better but you should really raise your standards of living to a basic lifestyle with atleast ~500 square foot home minimum.

What is the name of the song at the end of the video?

Help! I've fallen down a youtube rabbit hole watching all these free spirit minimalists videos!! :-)

Definitely not minimalist. I just read a comment from a gentleman who said him and his wife are Mennonite and live in and old house, drive a high mileage car but they travel the world and focus on their relationship. That is being minimalist....


this is my favorite video of yours. have never enjoyed clutter around me, or owning a lot. I am slowly leading towards it. but a bit thing I don't want to give up, is just collecting records. I just love the look and makes me smile to the whole reason of collecting. not sure if I should just cut down or just go to media on my computer. what are your thoughts on something like that?.

I wish there was a system where an individual gets to decide exactly how they want to live their life—as luxurious as they can afford, or as minimalist as they are willing to be. Actually there is one: Capitalism. Stop letting these zen hipsters decide how you live your life. They'll gladly vote to let the government siphon everything you own..

Love the insulating block idea. They didn't say whether they purchased the land they're on and if so, how much that cost. I see one safety issue with the camper trailer. If a fire develops near the one door, how do you get out? Also, I wouldn't want to live in something like this in an area prone to tornadoes..

if you love something, let it go if you hate something, let it go basically let everything go who cares anyway

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I live in NY and I'm hoping to get tickets.

And now youre changing our lives!! thanks for this video, and thanks for your time

I hate stuff.
I'm a 22 year old British guy in university studying for an Economics degree. My final exam is in three weeks, after which it's time to face life. On the back of this video, and in the next three weeks, I plan to sell everything I own; car, MacBook, iPad, GoPro, etc. I have worked in an entrepreneurial sense for nearly all of my possessions and at 02:13 am I can't put into words how excited I am to rid my life of all of them. Thank you for this - I'd make a video to log my progress but I'm selling the camera..

Emmmm... interesting I liked your way of thinking. I'm 17 now and success for me is changing others life and that what I wanna do, also that's what you did. You shifted my thinking a little bit. Thanks..
Love their tiny home! What an attractive couple!.
Probably one of the most pretentious documentaries I've ever seen. I couldn't stop laughing lol
You got that for 1800?!
I think it's harder for women mostly because we are the most marketed to and we are made to feel ashamed for not having/wearing certain things, like, we consume SO much that we don't need!! I'm not a minimalist but I definitely don't shop a lot and if I do it's at thrift stores so I can reduce my carbon footprint and stuff..

I deleted all my 5000 pictures on my iPhone which I never even checked. My phone feels a little better now.
As strong believer in stoicism I love the strong message of this, the only problem is that it's hard to find a way around it as long as we live in capitalist and globalized world. If everyone followed this and started living minimalistic we might save the environment but how is welfare and economy, which we can't deny are important things, going to last? This is utopia, but in reality I'm afraid it would be dystopia..


My journey started last year in Spring. Wth a dream in which my daughters talked with me about what they called 'my hoarding '..... outside of this dream, before, we had these conversations that became discussions and arguments because I was not facing and admitting it. But in the dream I gave in to the truth and woke up with this realization: I do have a problem with hoarding. I understood that God had given me this dream because He says in His Word :You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you FREE....Ultimately and firstly, the Truth, the Way and the Life is Yeshuah, the Son of the Living God Who came in the world to save sinners ; and that's all of us. By His suffering death in our place for our sin He restores us one by one as each person who calls on His name believing in His work and in His Name, shall be saved, says His Word, the Bible. He also was the ultimate minimalist: He went from to town to town, from village to village with the clothes on His back and His trust in His Heavenly Father to provide whatever He and the people in His care needed. At one point that was lunch for 5000 men plus all the children and women. At another point in time He fed 4000 men plus. Each time He started by faith with a little bit of food, like the lunch that a little boy had and gladly gave. And God the Father caused the food not to run out , not even run out at all. For at the one time 12 baskets of leftovers were gathered in and at the other recorded time (not everything that Jesus did could be recorded because of the limits of paper and ink) 10 baskets. There is more to say about Jesus' minimalism and reminder that what we hoard only gets taken by thieves or eaten by moths and rust..... But back to my dream. After waking up I was done pretending,I was so happy that my problem was starting to be solved because of not denying it anymore because God spoke to me by dream. He cared that much and He does care for everyone of us and every detail of our lives because He LOVES us. He doesn't want to free us from things that are good for us but from things that HURT us. Which is hoarding ;) So back to me. I was so excited about the dream: I shared it with my discouraged (from trying and not prevailing) daughters and with a new friend. The new friend said: Bettina, I am right where you are, facing the same problem. And I have been working on giving hundreds of items away to people. One was a set of Legos that she wanted my disabled daughter to have. My daughter had never had that kind of intricate Legos just the big ones. We didn't even know she could do well with the tiny ones. Turns out that this God directed gift by my acquaintance opened our eyes to a skill and passion in our daughter that we all didn't know was hidden in her. So, this is how we became friends! We bonded as I shared my thankfulness and amazement with her about the gift and later about the dream. Well, would you know that this new friend helped me in amazing ways to organize/ declutter my kitchen pantry/ utility room, my dining room, my garden shed during many laughter and joy filled hours of working together on the project of minimalism? It all started with a God given dream and it continues with this wonderful feature. I learned a lot here as well. Thank you, Minimalist Guys. You are great encouragers. And many needs of other people are being met when we part from what really don't need anymore. :).
I am a Canadian who now lives in a small pacific country. It is normal for us to expect that whenever one of our friends goes to the U.S. or Canada for a few months, they will come back significantly heavier..
As I am watching this from Europe, I realized how much big cooperations has destroyed our culture and environment. Youth is brainwashed and nothing like this is possible by law in EU..


So pumped! Looks incredible!

She just found a man on the street and hopped in his car?!🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Great documentary with a different take on it :)
I love this idea. I'm so glad there are so many people doing what they can on an individual level to improve living! But that one lady is wrong about capitalism. Capitalism does not suck resources to the middle. If she wants to point fingers at the United States and the prosperity gap, I suggest she look into how much America isn't very capitalistic anymore..

great video
Watch Movie Saving Capitalism Mojo megavideo.
Loved loved this presentation!!! This society forces you to value the material things in life. Holidays have turned into a shopping spreed. You can hardly enjoy a holiday with all these sales taking over your life. I was a shopaholic for many years, but not I'm transitioning into a minimalist, which is not easy! BUT I like it!.
That Time of Year.

La comida chatarra,,y esa azúcar... no mas refrescos! para comenzar 


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What an amazing documentary and community in general. I have had an insane urge lately to live a simple life, and this made me want it a million times more. The world 100% needs more of this simple living. Thank you for this. Keep spreading this message <3.

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So goooood.
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Can someone tell me the background song please?
Hard to let go of things when everyone in my family has died. I feel attachment to things because they are the constants in my reality now and many things bring back memories that I never want to forget. That being said, I am very careful of new things I buy. I make sure I want them over a long period of time and that I buy only high quality so it will last longer. Last year I bought nothing other than food and I have no plans to buy anything new any time soon. I end up talking myself out of buying things the longer I think about how much use they will get or how much I actually need them. I hate consumerism now, especially the stuff associated with fake holidays and frivolous fads. Taking the red pill and waking up has helped a lot..

I take it you didn't get a building permit for the tiny house at the start? Being in Victoria, if this was a habitable structure (i.e not a Class 10a structure like mentioned earlier in the video - shed under 10m2), you would have needed an energy assessment at very least as well as a functioning kitchen, bathroom and a seperate water tank And depending on the bush fire attack level (BAL) of that area, you may not have been able to use wood for some parts of the structure. I also noticed you used corrugated sheet roofing, did you have a plumber put this on? How did you get around any of this if so? I am interested as Victoria sucks with regulation to be able to do anything without needing some kind of permit or certification..

That's not a camper trailer, or a mobile home, that's a caravan?.