How Watch I'Ll Push You Torrentsme


How Watch I'Ll Push You Torrentsme




WATCH I'll Push You






Simple a must to watch it is such a uplifting movie and welled play , we need more of these movie's 9.99 out of ten.



Wonderful! Loved it!


This movie inspired me to make the pilgrimage in 2013. It changed me forever; however, I didn't anticipate how restless I would become. Some days all I want to do is return, strap on the old pack, and walk. Just walk..

amazing the feelings i had watching this film, Great work thanks Emelio and Martin best film yet, do you have another coming up.....i can't wait;).

I'm just finishing the Camino de Santiago. It has been incredible and vital experience. Thnk's a those anonymous pilgriims that are on the way. Remenber that you don't do the way, the way is doing to you. Next year i hope return back again. Tnx...

Hank, I loved your video. Someday I will walk the Camino with my wife & daughter. I am so glad that God let you meet your true soul mate, Amalie. I hope you will go after her no matter how far away she might live. You two will be a Great Couple and that's my two cents worth as we have been married for 24 years and counting. May God Bless You Two!!!:).

Realmente precioso y espectacular, nadie debería morirse sin antes haberlo echo.

The best Film about the Camino I have seen until yet. Top Work !
Hi Hank, what a beatiful movie! I felt all those feelings like you when I did the Camino last month. Great work and buen camino!.
I'am not sure if I believe in the transformational aspect of it ( 1:55 ). Well Hank, just compare your face on the start and the end of your movie. What a beautiful movie!! Filled my eyes with tears. Reminds me of my own walk. And your story is beautiful in itself. Hope that you and Amalie find a way to share your life together. Thank you for making my day beautiful!.

I just finished my Camino on October 27, and this took me right back! Thank you for that!.

Thank you s very much for a fantastic doco on your experiences.It moved me.I step out from St Jean for my very first Camino on 19 March 2018 and I am really looking forward to the experience.In many ways I feel I have already started as each time I pull on my walking shoes and go for a training walk I can feel,the beckoning of the Camino willing me on.Hank, you have convinced me to go to the “End”.I am part of a friends of the Camino here in the Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia. An amazing group of maybe 60+ people, many of whom have walked multiple times.Their encouragement has been fantastic and your doco is the “icing on the cake” for me.Buen CaminoVery many thanksWayne.

hahahaha can with bike and horse also

Love this movie. Is one of me and my wifes favorite movie. Reminds me of all the adventures we shared together
Nunca voy al cine...jajaja...tengo 3D-FHD-etc etc en casa...pero decidi romper la rutina...saben..?...valio la una excelente y hermosa película. Magníficos escenarios naturales -que me recordaban a mi hermosisimo Ecuador-. Recomendada 100% :-), pero veanla primero en su sala de cine....


Thank you for sharing! I just finished my Camino, life changing. This is a wonderful journey.


I wept at the end. Tom helped others see (as he was an eye Dr.). But being on pilgrimage helped him truly see the world. Thank you so much..
One of the best films I've ever watched.....................
Just saw the movie tonight. It was really really good!!!! It is quite insightful and lots of life lessons realized and learned by all, who (characters) were in the movie. Great scenery. For anyone who is into Christianity and trekking it's a must see.

Justin leidt aan een spierziekte, maar hij had één droom: de pelgrimage naar Santiago de Compostella voltooien. “Ik duw je wel,” waren de woorden van zijn goede vriend Justin..

One of the best Camino film here. Hope we will meet someday on camino :).
So excited to see this at Virginia Tech tomorrow and to hear Sheen & Estevez speak!!!!.
Full Movie Luis & the Aliens gomovies.
That was a GREAT doco Hank. I'm about to do my first Camino in July and found your movie while doing some research. Just a couple of questions as I also want to try and document the trip on film. What camera and editing program do you use? And what type of shoes made the difference to your walking? All the best for your travels bro..

nice video! plase tell me the rout you took, I mean the main cities and how many days took to accomplish the whole trip?.
Thank you for sharing <3
Hank, Thank you for sharing your journey with the rest of us.  I start my Camino in May 2016.  Beautiful video..