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My class is watching this movie
To those of you criticizing this book/movie's message, you clearly don't understand christianity, God, or freewill.  As God says in the movie, humans are just way to stupid to understand God and His(or in this case her?) ways.  We just have have faith that God knows best.  If God wanted us to understand these things, the decisions he makes, his morality, He would have given us this ability, or explained it to us in a way we could understand.  For example, would you want to live in a world where freewill could be violated?  No, you wouldn't.  As the book/movie states, God is always with us, and He was with the little girl while she was getting raped/murdered.  But God has no reason to save people from these types of things, and in fact it would be immoral for Him to do so.I mean, think about it. If you were with your 6 year old daughter in a shack as she was getting raped and murdered you obviously wouldn't attempt to violate the murdering rapist's free will by trying to stop him would you? Of course you wouldn't. Violating someone's freewill to rape and murder a 6 year old is wrong and immoral, however our imperfect minds/intellect/reasoning/morality may tell us otherwise.  One doesn't critique/question God.  It is extremely arrogant to do so..

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WHY did the producers of this movie ruin the historical veracity of a GREAT opening scene by using a police car manufactured three years AFTER the event portrayed?  The scene is set in 1961 and the cop is driving a 1964 Ford. I mean DAMN! They couldn't find a 1961 car of some sort? In later scenes, there are parking lots filled with appropriately aged, vintage cars..
So far 189 Racists and Donald Trump supporters dislikes this film..

I'm a Latino with a degree from MIT. It's not so different. Most engineering firms/companies are older white men and you have to do whatever it takes to convince them that you are competent, even with an MIT degree I struggled. I can't believe what other people (women and minorities) face. You have an idea and, everyone in the room says, Are you sure? A white guy intern says the same thing and I hear, What a great idea..

Facing a crisis of faith, Mac, he receives a mysterious letter urging him to meet him at an abandoned shack deep in the Oregon wilderness. Question is would you follow the same direction of what God is asking you to do? to meet God at the Shack? Where is the Shack is the big Question?.


I honestly hated this movie! It was blasphemous.



Seems like this movie was made to add fuel to the already burning interacial dating trend thats going on in this country!!.

It true story of NASA


The shaq

I get this movie is about black american women and everyone turns it into a race movie, but I've always seen it as how man and women made it to the stars. I love space and exploration and that is how I view this movie. I hope we can make it past the stars one day to a brighter future. Among the celestial lights..

I love you Katherine



Okay check this out at 1:05:44 . 'John Glenn Will be launched into space at an Altitude of 116 mph...' how wrong is that? Altitude is distance Not Velocity, and there is no way the spacecraft could get into orbit at 116mph. A car back then could go faster than that. Disgraceful. Especially a movie about Mathematics and Engineering ...really? But the altitude was 116.5 statute miles and space-fixed velocity was 5,134 miles per hour (8,262 km/h), (Wikipedia)..

Da erff is flat#flatearth

Mary Jackson was the one who had to find her own way to a colored bathroom, which did exist on the East Side.[18] Katherine (then Goble) was originally unaware that the East Side bathrooms were segregated, and used the unlabeled whites-only bathrooms for years before anyone complained.[19] She ignored the complaint, and the issue was dropped.[20] In an interview with WHRO-TV, Katherine Johnson denied the feeling of segregation. I didn't feel the segregation at NASA, because everybody there was doing research. You had a mission and you worked on it, and it was important to you to do your job ... and play bridge at lunch. I didn't feel any segregation. I knew it was there, but I didn't feel it.[21].

This movie is the best👍

Where can I go on U-Tube or anywhere else & watch this Movie without Paying having for a free trial ? I don't put my credit Card online can anyone tell me If i can watch this Movie for free? I don't just want to watch a Documment abt, It!.
This movie answers the big question on why God allows evil on this earth. A movie of healing for those angry with our Creator..
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