HONEY&BAKE is a maid cafe which was opened in akihabara in may 2017.

You can enjoy the maids "honey" and pancakes or baked omelette rices "bake" which is produced by professional pat iciest.

Please enjoy the extraordinary moment with unique maids in our stylish cafe which is different than any other maid cafes before. We are waiting for you masters to come home to us.



◆Cafe Course

All you can drink course for soft drinks. You can enjoy our authentic coffee, tea and juice.

30min ¥1,000

60min ¥1,800

Extra 30min ¥1,000


◆Bar Cource

All you can drink course for alcoholic drinks and soft drinks. In addition to the Cafe course, you can enjoy beer, cocktails, sake and so on. There are 50 kinds of drinks on the menu.

30min ¥1,600

60min ¥3,000

Extra 30min ¥1,600



Open   14:00(Mon to Fri)

             12:00(Sat, Sun)

Close   23:00(L.O 22:30)



Akihabara park building 6F 3-1-3 Soto-kanda Chiyoda-ku Tokyo