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Wait, I thought it came out today at 12:30 ?
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An F22A fighter jet armed with 8 air to air missiles is a lethal weapon.

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I really feel like they should have killed off one of Sabine's family. Her brother or her mother.
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And people say Star Wars people don't die eh? You guys wanted to see some dead people and you got yourselves that wish lol.
Why the mandalorians looks like have anorexia?
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I swear star wars fighters must fly slower than a world war 1 biplane

Heroes of Mandalore: The Attack Begins | Star Wars Rebels | Disney.

Is this season 4?
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Jetpack faster than starfighter? Absurd.
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Clan Fett is with.. oh, wait..

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We still dont know wots happend to Almec

3:21 Not a true Mandalorian.

getting darker, i like

1:24 , thank god none of those mandaloreans accidently sneezed or something. cause god that would have been awkward with all those jetpack rockets positioned that way.
Stormtrooper: Repeat, this is definitely not Freddie Prinze Jr, we have multiple targets!.
I like that thrawn does not like that governor Saxon betrayedhis people
This season is top notch Star Wars. It's everything good about the last three seasons and more. It's the type of thing I can sit down to watch with my preteen sister and middle aged father and all three of us love it equally, as Star Wars should be..

Amazing series, and season 3 has yet to dissappoint! My wife and I look forward to the new episodes every weekend. And we're both giddy to see Thrawn. having grown up reading Star Wars books like "The Hand of Thrawn" and the more recent "Outbound Flight", I..
If they extend mandlorian revolution add in cad the son of a Jedi and a clone. Who was an important leader and used his mothers lightsaber(s).

I’m assuming not all of Clan Wren was wiped out
The weapon makes me remember the tripods from war of the worlds.
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Watch… Star & Wars, Rebels:. Heroes - of, Mandalore & Full, Movie Streaming! Carltoncinema
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0:42 = instant death for Ezra.

Please bring penn zero back for my birthday and I'm crying so please show some love 😩😩😞😞

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This week on The Star Wars Show, Andi sits down with actor Elijah Wood from Star Wars Resistance and Anthony heads to Titmouse Animation Studios to discuss the creation of Star Wars..
this is not right!....halp!
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Star Wars Rebels S04E01 Heroes of Mandalore 1 - video dailymotion



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Star! Wars - Rebels: - Heroes & of, Mandalore… Online... live… online: & Will, Meera, save. HDan. Stark, from? the, swarming - White - Walkers.

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