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I got stomach aches only by watching it xD

Early gang!!!!! Love u Roary keep up the good work I think u should do gummy bears next

I'm sweating profusely out of everywhere... 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Poor Cam has the same problem I do. He's so pastel that his face goes red at the tiniest provocation. I always save your videos until bedtime, that way I can go to sleep happy. So right now I'm in bed, laughing and annoying my 16 year old kitty while he's attempting to sleep..
Greatest part of my day today!!
Cheese flavoured cayenne?
Welcome To My House i <3 you
hahaha love it. Congrats Cam!!!


Damn look it how miserable she was when she said yes.

منو عربي يحط لايك انا من نفسي حطيت لايك

Did the California Wildfires destroy all barbershops in California, Brandon?

He said that's stupid lol

судя по комментам , всех за*ло писать на инглише



What are toit nups

You guys are hilarious! How did you meet?

The world of iron and fire sounds like a badass album title.



Finland i guess so 😒😒😒 because they all ways play stupid game


I'm not crazy about siracha but everything else sounds great! And my favorite heat is habanero!


yo, your sister looks like wolfie

This isn't hot it's just a mild cheese spread

Cay chứ bộ tại ngs ta chịu đc thoi