Today was me and grandma's final day in our Waipahu home. Grandma and I lived there for 14 years and today we closed our front door for the last time. I didn't think that I would get emotional however upon doing our final checks I was struck by a bittersweet wave of emotion that caused me to start crying. It finally dawned on me that this was my last time looking at the room that I spent my entire teenage life in and begging of my adult life in. It brought back memories of coming home with my friends and playing on the computer, drinking with my friends before work, a whole lot of crying over failed relationships, friends that I do not see anymore, dancing like a weirdo late at night, falling asleep after a long day, my blue Christmas lights, singing as loud as I wanted, writing music, talking with my friends and partner about all of our dreams in life,, as well as falling in love. I recall being on trips to perform and all I ever wanted to do was come back home to my room. Now that I'm older whenever I missed home I would come to visit my old room to connect witj those old emotions all over again. In a way it was a looking glass into my past where I could be reminded of a simpler time in my life. Tonight I'm gazing at the moon and reflecting on these emotions. Grandma and I are stepping up in life, but it's nice to look back sometimes. I will forever cherish all of those memories in my heart. 





じゃあ、土曜 10月19日私は別の島へ旅立ちます
だから 白木屋で土曜のショーはキャンセル けど
日曜日帰ります あの日、ショーがある。

みんな様の熱い喝采と応援して心から 感謝 有難うございます。


アロハ エ 皆さま!

お久しぶりね。最近 携帯が壊れったからこのプロフィールがアクセッスができなかった。


新しい携帯を買った! ようやったね!


- とらお